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Asia Pacific
Children's Ministry Outreach
Career: Teams
Country: Bangladesh
Length of Service: Under 1 year
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8553

Do you love children? Would you love to have a unique experience involved with the children of Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh field has been involved with children's ministry in Dhaka City for many years. Both local and expatriate staff reach out to children on a weekly, monthly, or irregular basis throughout Dhaka City. Once we get specific interest from an individual or team, we will put a specific program together.

As part of this team, you would participate in and support the existing children's clubs. Please come prepared with drama, song, film, crafts, flannelgraph, stick figures, pictures, drawings, games, and other materials focused on communicating with children. Hands-on and participatory materials are preferred to "high tech" electronic presentations.

The children of Bangladesh are precious, inquisitive, and fun-loving. Come prepared with an open heart, and you will leave with a full heart.



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