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Asia Pacific
Youth Sports Outreach
Career: Evangelism/Church Growth
Country: Bangladesh
Length of Service: Under 1 year
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8548

Are you trained in sports or camping ministry? Are you interested in working with youth?

People of all ages in Bangladesh like to play sports. City streets, vacant lots, and small plots of land are in constant use by a wide variety of people to play the popular public sports of Bangladesh, cricket and soccer/football. World Cup fever is endemic to Bangladesh in the four-year cycles for cricket and soccer/football. There is a great opportunity to provide a connection to a variety of groups in Bangladesh through youth sports outreach. Youth sports outreach participants can provide sports related outreach to a variety of groups and projects affiliated with our work in Bangladesh. Participants can run more formal training programs at local public schools, training centers, and projects where SIM has a more formal presence. More informal sports outreach can be provided to a number of weekly children's and youth groups in Dhaka City where there is an existing outreach. The more formal sports camps can provide training in cricket and soccer/football. Other camps could be aranged to provide training, or at least exposure, to some of the secondary sports of Bangladesh including basketball, field hockey, track, swimming, table tennis, gymnastics, or shooting. The government of Bangladesh operates an Institute of Sports, providing residential training near Dhaka City to both boys and girls from ages 15-21. Contact could be made with this facility if youth sports outreach participants desired to conduct a camp or a clinic in a particular sport at this facility.



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