Prayer Updates
People Groups
SIM Workers
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Minority People
Career: Evangelism/Church Growth
Length of Service: More than 2 years
Priority: Normal
PRF Number: 8347

Throughout the first six years the visa will most likely be a student visa which involves studying at a university and many hours per week being in relationship with the people. The most effective students are the ones who discuss a broad range of deep topics with indigenous people. If it is desired to continue beyond the first six years, it will most likely be necessary to identify a follow-on career to provide a visa. Teaching, business, and many other options are available. This decisions would begin at about the five-year point.

Right now there are only a few hundred believers among over 10 million people. They are ready for you to become as culturally relevant as you can be while teaching them to know your Brother!



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