Prayer Updates
Africa Europe
Career: Medical and Health Ministry
Country: Benin
Length of Service: 1-2 years
Priority: Urgent
PRF Number: 5161

If you are a pharmacist with a yearning to introduce people to Jesus, this is a dream opportunity for you!

Overseas mission hospitals always have need of doctors and nurses, but there are other important staff that play an important role in a well-run hospital, too. A pharmacist is one of them! Bembereke Hospital is a well-established, well-recognized hospital in the rural north of Benin in West Africa. Started over 50 years ago by SIM, it is now run by SIM's partner church. This 240-bed hospital is staffed by a large team of qualified Beninese doctors, nurses, and other staff but is in need of a pharmacist. There are few pharmacists in the country and those few are not interested in working in the rural north.

Following God's leading to become a missionary pharmacist at HEB would mean that you would ensure the smooth function of a hospital. You would have opportunities to share your training and pharmacy management skills with staff. But, beyond this, you would be part of a Christian hospital team, showing Christ's love and compassion as you treat patients and interact with them and their families, many of whom are Mus*lim. Could God be leading you here?



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