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Midwife for Bembereke Hospital
Career: Medical and Health Ministry
Country: Benin
Length of Service: 1-2 years
Priority: Urgent
PRF Number: 339

Are you an obstetric nurse or a midwife who would like to use your gifts in ministry? We have a wonderful prospect for you!

A large hospital in rural Benin is in need of midwives to join their small team of national midwives for a few months or up to a couple of years, helping out during a time in which they are short-staffed. Some of their midwives have been moved to village clinics and have not yet been replaced, leaving the present staff overworked and unable to provide good service for a busy maternity department.

This would be a perfect opportunity to experience missions in a third-world country as you use your medical training to help meet a critical need. Your professional skills and knowledge could also be increased as you are pulled in to help with difficult deliveries and assist in the care of premature babies.

As you work in this rural African hospital, you'd have the joy of getting to know the Beninese staff with whom you are working. During your time in Benin, you'd get to know some of their lives and get to know another culture as you interact with them, attend church, shop in the market, and enjoy activities together. You'd get to know more of the heart of the people along with catching some of God's heart for them. You'd get to be part of a mission community and see the larger picture of what God is doing throughout the country. Are you, a midwife, ready for a new adventure...an adventure with God?



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