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Nurse for Emergency Service at Bembereke Hospital
Career: Medical and Health Ministry
Country: Benin
Length of Service: More than 2 years
Priority: Urgent
PRF Number: 338

Would you happen to be an experienced emergency room nurse looking for a new challenge? A large hospital in rural Benin has been waiting to install an Emergency Room as part of their Outpatient Services, and it has come to the point of urgency. Besides emergency room experience, you would need to commit to up to two years to set up this new service and to train several nurses and staff in emergency room procedures and management.

This is the perfect opportunity for a Christian nurse to experience missions in an underdeveloped country using your training to help meet critical needs at a hospital. You would be using your nursing skills but taking them to the next level with organizational, training, and leadership skills added on.

As you work in this rural African hospital, you'd have the joy of getting to know the Beninese staff with whom you are working. During your time in Benin, you'd get to know some of their stories and another culture as you interact with them, attend church, shop in the market, and enjoy activities with them. You'd get to know more of the heart of the people along with catching some of God's heart for them. You'd get to be part of a mission community and see a larger picture of what God is doing in other ministry areas. Are you ready for a challenge and an experience such as this?



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