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Welcome to Zambia, home to the spectacular Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. This large, landlocked country in south central Africa is one of the most industrialized and urbanized countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ministry Vision

SIM's vision is to reach the lost and vulnerable with the Gospel, to disciple believers to live out their beliefs, and to train their leaders. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong and flourishing church.

Current SIM Ministry

The Evangelical Church in Zambia (ECZ) has hundreds of member churches as well as one Bible college and two Bible schools in vernacular languages. Ministries of the church and mission include hospitals and community health, HIV and AIDS education, education at various levels, Christian Education resources for the church, discipleship seminars, church leadership training, agricultural development, and aviation. The ECZ has sent cross-cultural missionaries within Zambia. SIM not only partners with the ECZ but also works alongside Scripture Union and other local ministries.

Pray for us as SIM seeks to further equip the Zambian church to fulfill Christ's commission. When missionaries came 100 years ago, there was no church; today there is an increasingly strong one. Nevertheless, enormous spiritual and physical challenges face Zambia today: traditional religions, HIV and AIDS, poverty, malnutrition, cults, materialism, and Islam.

SIM's Partner Church

The ECZ was established through SIM's work (formerly AEF and SAGM) in church planting and is SIM's primary church partner. SIM shares the church's vision to reach out to the lost and vulnerable, to disciple believers to live out their beliefs, and to train its leaders. SIM and other missions have been working in Zambia since the early 1900s.

History of Christianity

The first AEF/SIM missionary to Zambia was A. W. Bailey, who arrived in 1910 following an invitation from the famous Brethren missionary, Frederick Arnot. Mr. Bailey served the Kaonde people in the northwest of the country, and was soon joined by other missionaries.

Years of Christian work in Zambia have resulted in large churches, some are nominal, but many are extremely active. The work of Scripture Union (SU) has been significant, especially in secondary schools. In the past most missions emphasized institutional work, resulting in large numbers of church-managed schools and hospitals which are encouraged by the government. By some estimates, the Zambian population is 25 percent evangelical Christian.



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