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Team Vision

Northern Chad is home to many least-reached desert tribes. Many of these are nomadic, while others live on the fringes of Lake Chad, in oasis towns or in several large towns and cities across the country. Most of these have never been exposed to the gospel in their own language.

We are seeking workers willing to live amongst these peoples to learn their languages and cultures while being supported by experienced mentors during an initial two-year orientation program.

Our prayer is that after the training program, they will be equipped to thrive in a long-term ministry amongst one of these peoples, and serve as mentors for future workers.

Our vision is to see multiplying communities of disciples in every clan of every desert tribe in Chad.

Country & Ministry Profile

  • In partnership with TEAM and the local church, we are seeking to recruit a multi-national, multi-skilled, multi-faceted team to reach the neglected tribes of the Sila Department. We need people willing to serve the local community, eager to share the good news in relationship, committed to working as a team and discipling others until we see multiplying disciples of Jesus amongst every community.
  • We are seeking people who are willing to live amongst a desert tribe of Chad to learn their language and culture while being supported by experienced mentors during an initial two-year orientation program. Placements are in rural and urban locations.


  • Long-term workers to join the team to the Sila Department. Team members to be involved in many ministries including, but not limited to, medical ministries; teaching skills to the community including literacy, English, French and vocational skills training; training Christian teachers in Christian worldview education at the local church-run school; agricultural or veterinary community education; well-digging or water engineers; peace and reconciliation ministries; facilitators for trauma recovery programs; as well as Bible teachers and pastors.
  • Long-term workers to the desert tribes of Chad in both urban and rural settings, and for provision of excellent placement opportunities for their two-year orientation programs.
  • Long-term English teachers for language learning centres - teaching English, building relationships and following-up with inquirers in the student body.
  • Good relationships with our partner agencies.
  • That the Lord of the Harvest will send workers to the many least-reached communities of Chad.


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