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Team Vision

Facilitating people to join what God is doing around the world, to be empowered to thrive, and to make a difference.

Country & Ministry Profile

  • Encourage longer-term participation in mission.
  • Help our mission partners tell the story of what God is doing.
  • Develop relational approaches to strengthening current church partnerships and building relationships with new churches.
  • Resource the New Zealand Church for involvement in cross-cultural and overseas mission.
  • Ensure people are brought into the mission well, thrive in their lives and ministries, and leave well with added value.
  • Engage in borderless mission.
  • Partner to promote New Zealand's priority projects.

The Maori

The Polynesian Maori people migrated to New Zealand in the 1400s to take advantage of the fishing and natural resources offered by the South Pacific islands.

The European explorers began arriving in the 1600s with the formation of settlements in the 1800s. New Zealand combines Polynesian and European heritage making it an interesting blend of culture with unique characteristics. The Maori have a long tradition of group singing, dancing, and arts and crafts. Woodcarving is the most notable art of this culture.

Most of the Maori have urbanized, but many retain elements of their traditional history. They brought their belief in a plethora of Polynesian gods and goddesses to the islands. The Europeans also brought their customary "Christian" beliefs to New Zealand.

Today New Zealand is multicultural, religiously plural, and needs clear, consistent, and relentless presentation of biblical Christianity. Recently, a fresh stirring of the Wairua Tapu (the Holy Spirit) has begun amongst Maori. As an example, while the Bible Society normally sells between 100-200 Maori Bibles a year, during the last four years they have sold over 1000 per year.

SIM New Zealand serves the New Zealand church by encouraging and equipping believers to build relationships with people of other faiths for the sake of the gospel.



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