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Welcome to Mozambique, a nation on the southeast coast of Africa, bordered on the north by Tanzania, the west by Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, and the south by South Africa and Swaziland. Mozambique has an 820 km (510 mi) section of the Zambezi River, which is navigable for 460 km (286 mi).

Team's Vision

By faith, because the Lord richly blesses SIM's work in Mozambique, we see:
  • a growing church developing with Mozambican leaders chosen by God, who have received sound biblical training, and are preaching and living the truth.
  • SIM missionaries making a difference in their communities, giving the people hope as they help meet both physical and spiritual needs.
  • unity amongst SIM missionaries, strengthening and sharpening one another and enjoying one another's fellowship.

Country & Ministry Profile

Mozambique has enjoyed peace and religious freedom since the war ended in 1992. It has, at times, been called the world’s poorest country due to colonial exploitation (470 years) followed by 30 years of brutal guerrilla warfare and many years of Marxist oppression. The infrastructure was devastated but now is slowly being rebuilt.

Until January 2001, SIM worked exclusively with the Igreja União Baptista de Moçambique. We now are registered as an interdenominational mission agency in the country and are developing a wider circle of ministry relationships. For many years missionaries have been burdened for the northernmost provinces of the country, which have the least exposure to Gospel witness. A thrust into Niassa Province, especially to the Yao, Makua, and Meetto people, is now in process. Longstanding efforts at developing local language materials, including Scripture, continue. In the midst of much poverty and need, the team seeks to develop health and community programs to minister to human need.

Mozambique is part of the Region of Southern Africa (ROSA) administration.

Unreached People

About one million coastal Makhua are unreached Muslims. Other Muslim peoples with very few churches are the Makonde, Yao, Meetto, and Nyungwe.

History of Christianity

Dominican missionaries arrived in Mozambique as early as 1506 with the advance of Portuguese maritime discoveries. During the next century and a half, Dominicans, Jesuits and Augustinians actively worked on the southern coast and in the region of the Zambezi River. Sustained work among most of the tribes north of the Save River began at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In 1893, the Anglicans established a permanent mission station at Unango. Anglicans exert their greatest influence among the Nyanja-speakers of northwestern Mozambique.

Following World War I, a new missionary upsurge began with the entry of Scandinavian Baptists, International Holiness Mission, South Africa General Mission (AEF/SIM), Nazarenes, Seventh-Day Adventists, and two Pentecostal bodies from the USA and Canada. More recently, AIM, Wycliffe, Reformed, Nazarenes, and others have arrived.

For many years SIM has been burdened for the northernmost provinces of Mozambique, which have the least exposure to gospel witness. Today SIM's work centers in Niassa Province, bordering Malawi and Tanzania. Three bases have been established in the towns of Cuamba, Lichinga, and Marrupa reaching out to the Makua, Yao, and Meetto people with the message of God's rescue plan for those in spiritual darkness.

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in Mozambique, please contact your nearest SIM office.



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