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Team Vision

The love of Christ must be the beginning and the end of all strategies for reaching West Malaysia's unreached people groups. We must show and tell this good news in both word and deed. Presently this is done in partnership with Migrant Ministry Klang (MMK), focused on ministering to migrants in the country, many of whom are Muslim. We are also presently exploring other means to minister to college level students and mobilize Malaysian Christians for overseas missions service.

SIM West Malaysia seeks to make a gospel impact by:

  • Reaching through Christ's love the many migrants and displaced people through MMK and its networks.
  • Developing strong Bahasa speaking disciples of Jesus Christ among the majority people.
  • Planting churches among the Bahasa-speaking majority people.
  • Theological education and leadership training.

Country & Ministry Profile

Malay: The Malay of Peninsular Malaysia make up the majority of the Malay people in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. They find much pride in their cultural heritage and place great emphasis on family and community dependence. The Malay of Peninsular Malaysia are seen in many levels of society. Urban Malay are well educated and hold white collar or government positions, while rural Malay may or may not pursue higher learning and typically occupy jobs such as farming, trading, and fishing. Islam was brought to Malaysia by Arabic and Indian traders many centuries ago, and the Malay people have come to embrace and ardently follow the Islamic faith.

All Malay people are considered Islamic, although levels of devotion to the religion are varied. Even those who half-heartedly follow Islam participate in the fasting month, and the Malay people of affluence will go on the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once, if not many times, during their lifetime. A divergence from Islam is the use of a bomoh (witchdoctor). Although Islam forbids the use of such a person, many Malay of Peninsular Malaysia will seek the services of a bomoh when they need some "magic." For instance, they may consult bomohs in order to receive a blessing or a cure, or on the other hand, in order to curse someone or get revenge.

Pray that the true Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, may be revealed to the Malay people. Pray that the Word of God might penetrate the hearts and minds of the Malay people.



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