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Team Vision

Our vision is for relational transformation of our Malian community by intentionally pursuing the lost and training reproducible Christ followers.

We accomplish this through:

  • Muslim outreach in several communities and surrounding communities.
  • Researching efforts focused on the regions of Mali where SIM may consider future investment.
  • Maintaining a work among street children, particularly teenagers.
  • Village outreach among two communities.
  • Health evangelism ministries in several communities./li>

Country & Ministry Profile

Where Christ is Least Known

The Soninke: The Soninke in Mali are mainly farmers and herdsmen. Trading is also extremely important to them. They have one of the highest rates of labor migration in West Africa. Much of the male population is absent from the home doing migrant work from two to four years at a time. Consequently, a form of matriarchal society has evolved. Most Soninke today are strong Sunni Muslims, but many mix animism into their practice.

In Mali only a few are known to be Christians, and they are severely persecuted, making evangelism extremely difficult. Most Soninke have not yet heard a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To date, there is no known church among the Soninke anywhere in Mali. Ask the Lord to send people into Mali to share Christ with the Soninke and to give the small number of Soninke believers boldness to share Christ with their own people.

Ask God to raise prayer teams to stir the spiritual soil of Mali and to produce a triumphant Soninke church for the glory of His name.



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