Prayer Updates

SIM Canada is a community of God's people who delight to worship God and serve our neighbor in fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.

SIM Canada is a facilitating agency:

  • sending people to the field
  • receiving people from the field
  • educating and equipping Canadian churches to become "inter-cultural" and develop a mission vision
  • partnering in innovative ways with donors, churches, and individuals both in Canada and with SIM fields overseas

Team's Vision

SIM Canada will be renewed, so that more of the Canadian church will be engaged interculturally and connected globally to declare and demonstrate the Gospel among all nations in our local and global neighborhoods.

Country & Ministry Profile

Canada is a vast land containing a relatively small but very diverse population. Historically, Canada encouraged immigration to counteract its low population density. This has created a rich cultural mosaic, with urban centers hosting communities from nearly every country on earth. The background of Canada's historic identity reflects British, French, and American influences. In more recent years, non-Western influences are taking root through immigration.

This diversity has a spiritual expression as well, and a multiplicity of spiritual beliefs and values is growing. Christianity remains prominent, despite a frequent bias against the church and Christian values in the public forum.

Canada has a long and rich heritage as a missionary-sending country, and it is the historical base for the original Sudan Interior Mission. The church in Canada has sent thousands of missionaries around the world over many years. This effort has declined in recent decades, corresponding to a weakening regard for global mission overall.

We appreciate the need to send missionaries, but also recognize the opportunity to receive kingdom builders from other nations. In that vein, we see ourselves as facilitators of inter-cultural ministry in Canada and around the world.

SIM Canada is also responsible for facilitating ministries in Brazil. A small office in Londrina, near Sao Paulo, is responsible for sending Brazilians, associates and members, as well as developing mission training, holding conferences, and providing books and magazines on missions to pastors and churches.

The office is actively developing partnerships with other mission agencies to cooperate in sending Brazilians around the world.

A key component of the office ministry is training pastors to develop a mission vision in their churches.



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