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SIM—Developing Our People

Thrive is an initiative of SIM to ensure the life-long learning of its members, staff and associates. One of SIM's core values is to be a "learning-growing community." The development of our people is a profound priority. This is not just a matter of equipping someone for ministry, but of building their character and strength so as to enhance their wellbeing and spiritual fruitfulness. SIM encourages everyone in the organization to pursue personal growth and community so that individually and together, we may fully achieve what God intends, for his glory!

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A theme verse for Thrive is Psalm 1:3 - that we would be "like trees planted by streams of water yielding its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither." When people 'thrive' they are empowered by God to handle opportunities and challenges effectively for His glory.

The main goals for Thrive are as follows:

  1. Everyone in SIM will feel belonging and commitment to SIM as a community and will have unity around the ethos, values, and vision of SIM.
    • Healthy relationships across cultures and generations.
    • Understand SIM history, ethos, values and operating practices.
    • Shared ownership and commitment to SIM.
  2. Everyone in SIM will pursue and experience continuing and holistic growth toward maturity.
    • Spiritual life, Christian character and lifestyle and heart for the world.
    • Emotional, social and physical well-being.
    • Interpersonal and disciple-making skills.
    • Professional skills.
    • Leadership capacity.

As a result, all in SIM will thrive in their spiritual life and ministry.

The goals of Thrive cannot be achieved by a single program but by a combination of activities. Primary responsibility lies with each individual to utilize opportunities for their growth. SIM will provide various training and community building programs as well as processes that encourage planning for personal development. Individuals can capitalize on training and experiences best as they reflect on them and discuss them with mentors and colleagues. The diagram below shows some of the key elements of personal development through the period people are involved with SIM.


The following training programs are available within SIM:

  • Pre-service orientation.
  • Multi-cultural teams training.
  • Sharpening your interpersonal skills workshop.
  • Spiritual Life Conferences.
  • Regional management workshops.
  • Annual Review interviews.



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