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S* Ministry Outreach
20 January 2017

SIM Kenya currently has a robust S* ministry team working in the areas of translation, hydroponic farming, medicine, literacy, entrepreneurship, and other initiatives, all of which facilitate relational evangelism and discipleship. The primary goal of this ministry is to see God build a thriving, self-sustaining S* church in Kenya by developing relationships and sharing the gospel with S* individuals. The team follows up with ongoing discipleship and leadership training so that new believers can become church leaders.

S* ministry is a slow process of building long-term relationships with individuals before sufficient trust and friendship are present to be able to share the gospel.

Please pray:

  • for the S* team and its various team members and ministry initiatives. S* ministry can be discouraging because it is often slow to bear fruit.
  • that each team member will be able to find a suitable platform to effectively reach out to S* individuals and maintain his or her passion for ministry.



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