Prayer Updates
Quechua Ministry
8 February 2016

The four million Quechua spread throughout central Bolivia make up one of the largest least-reached groups in Latin America. There are still many remote Quechua communities in the mountains and jungles of Bolivia where Christ is not known.

We envision multicultural teams compassionately serving and empowering Quechua communities to address needs such as medicine and safe water as a means of gaining entrance for the gospel. We would particularly encourage missionaries from other Latin American countries or other new sending contexts to be part of these teams.

Our multicultural medical team serving Potosi and the surrounding rural communities currently represents the only missionary presence among the Quechua in that part of Bolivia. This team is also involved in orality-based outreach and training. SIM missionaries in Sucre are currently studying the Quechua language and culture intensively in order to engage in storytelling ministry in rural Quechua communities where Christ is not known.

Pray for:

Jonny and Olga Anderson who are studying Quechua intensively in order to engage in storytelling ministry in rural areas.

That the Lord would raise up a home school teacher for the some of our missionaries to dedicate themselves to Quechua learning full time.

Dr. Steve and Mary Hawthorne as they train the Bolivian church in orality-based ministry.

Juanita Bunay and Delphine Diebold, two short term nurses who minister to the Quechua in a clinic in Potosi.

Dr. Lalsangpuii Kawldingliana who is currently doing language study so that she can join the team at the clinic in Potosi.



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