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Qualifications for Service
Questions we ask as you consider ministry with us:

How's your walk with God?

Do you have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ with a daily dependence on the Holy Spirit? Do you study your Bible and share your faith with others? Is prayer an important, regular part of your life?

Why are you considering missions?

Missions is more than a job; it's a ministry which can be very demanding. Loneliness, cultural differences, financial limitations, and other frustrations may come your way. You need to have a strong conviction that God is leading you into missions. Your love for God and your desire to glorify Him, no matter what, must be top priority.

What have you been doing?

Crossing the ocean will not make you a missionary. Whatever you propose to do in ministry across cultural lines you should already be doing now. Are you committed and involved in your local church? Have you talked to your church leaders about your interest in mission? Because the church does the sending, they should be involved in discipling, training, and equipping you.

How do you live?

Does the way you live demonstrate an attitude of self-discipline, teachability, servant spirit, flexibility, accountability, initiative, perseverance, sense of humor?

How has God gifted you for service?

There are academic qualifications that will be required, depending on the type of ministry and length of term. Some countries require a degree for entry. What specific skills do you have to offer for cross-cultural ministry?
Note: People serving with SIM are not salaried by SIM.

Are you willing to raise financial support?

People serving with SIM are not salaried by SIM. You will be asked to supply the financial resources that you need for living expenses, travel, medical insurance, and administration by partnering with church supporters, friends, and other people who stand behind you in your service.

Are you fit?

The pressures of cross-cultural ministry require physical and emotional stamina and a resilient character.

Do you fit?

Going out with a mission agency means joining a team. Can you work with an international and interdenominational team? You need to be compatible with the team's beliefs, goals, and methods. Study our statement of faith, core values and purpose statement.



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