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Process FAQ

Thank you for considering a ministry with us. SIM is a faith mission where missionaries normally raise their own prayer and financial support.

Important Steps to Overseas Ministry

This is a summary of the actual step-by-step process that applicants will follow:

1. Contacting SIM

There are two ways to begin a conversation with SIM:
  1. Complete and send the Online Enquiry Form for the appropriate SIM Office, and we will contact you.
  2. Contact the SIM office nearest you with your questions and we will answer them.

2. Getting acquainted

Together we'll try to get a better understanding of how your skills, abilities, and desires for serving God fit with SIM's opportunities. An SIM Representative will try to meet with you and help to answer any questions you may have. We will contact your home church pastor.

3. Assessing the next step

When we sense that your spiritual maturity, training, and experience have prepared you for cross-culturalministry, you'll be invited to complete an application.

4. Applying

The application and preparation process for those who apply to SIM includes the following:
  1. An application form and several references
  2. Endorsement of the Statement of Faith and completion of our Doctrinal Questionnaire
  3. Assessments of physical and psychological health
  4. Interviews and orientation programmes
  5. Acceptance by an appropriate SIM body

The details of the specialist assessments and the orientation programs depend on your specific ministry and proposed length of service.



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