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16 February 2011

Update: THANK YOU for praying with us during the 18 days of upheaval in Egypt. We thank God that multiple sources report that Christian minorities and churches remained safe and experienced no persecution. In fact, Christian and Muslim neighbors rallied to protect each other's property in the absence of police. We thank you for praying for this miracle which God provided!

Please continue to pray:

  • Pray for stability to rebuild during the months of transition. Hundreds are injured and costly damage was done such as the stealing of archeological treasures from Cairo Museum, the destruction of government properties, the escape of prisoners, and extensive looting. Financial losses were announced by the official TV channel to be about 200 billion Egyptian Pounds (USD 36 billion). Pray for unity to rebuild.
  • Pray for wisdom for Egypt’s future leaders. The situation is complex. The door will be open to all political and religious ideologies, extremists and fundamentalists included.
  • Pray for justice and provision for the poor and destitute, the ones who always suffer the most.
  • Pray that Egyptian Christians will continue to experience goodwill from their fellow Egyptians. Pray for a spirit of peace to build common ground.
  • Egypt stands on the precipice of opportunity in every area. Pray for Christians to think of creative and appropriate ways to bring God's Word and love in these difficult times. Pray for courage and joy to be the light and love of Christ.

One Christian Egyptian leader writes, "I would like to Thank You on behalf of… the Christians of Egypt. We were overwhelmed during this time by a flood of emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from all over the world, assuring us of your prayers and the real desire to help… Thank you for your prayers for us, that is what we needed most!"

For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~Jeremiah 29:11

February 1, 2011:

Although SIM does not work in Egypt, we pray earnestly for every man, woman and child in that country.

As always during times of violence, we remember the children. Pray with us for protection for their tender hearts and minds as they witness frightening and confusing events.

Please pray for safe and uneventful evacuations for thousands of foreign residents who are choosing to leave.

Our Egyptian friends ask for prayers knowing that during this time of uncertainty, more doors open for fundamental groups to persecute the church. Pray with us for the Lord to protect the innocent.

Kasr Doubara church, whose building is situated very near to Tahrir Square, ask us to join them in praying. The following is translated from Arabic...

Our beloved country of Egypt is passing through difficult times in these days. Thousands of people have gone into the streets to express their economic, social and political demands. These demands spring from the sufferings of the Egyptian people as they face hard living conditions and many pressures. We know all about these struggles, for we face them too. Our love for our dear country has caused us to pray earnestly for many years for all sections of our population.

So we now call all our brothers and sisters in the church and all our friends to redouble their prayers with us, so that we may come through this time in peace, and emerge as a more united people with a stronger faith in a bright future for our country. May the Lord give each and every one in his own particular situation a vision to see how he can contribute positively, without violence or destruction. Let us seek the face of the Lord and ask for the grace of persevering, hopeful prayer for the making of a worthy future for ourselves and our children. Let us cry out to him with broken hearts and repent of all corruption and wrongdoing both in us and around us. May He bless our country with goodness, peace, justice and righteousness.

Please pray for this region and for other countries facing instability such as Tunisia, Yemen, and Jordan.

There is physical upheaval, but also spiritual battles are taking place. Pray to the ONE who holds all authority and victory.



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