Prayer Updates
Asia Pacific
Holistic Development and HIV
24 February 2017

Our desire is to go where Christ is not known and to demonstrate His love in practical ways, serving the poor and marginalised communities.

We want to enable local churches to build relationships with and serve their local communities. Where people come to Christ through our ministry, we link them with a local fellowship or a believer to be discipled. For clients, communities and churches, we serve/partner with them to ensure holistic change and to see them empowered to make decisions and be more proactive in solving social, health, economic, spiritual and environmental problems. We desire health awareness and health behaviors to improve, including providing cleaner, safer living environments and. Including action taken to provide cleaner, safer living environments and access to safe drinking water and hygienic toilets.

We desire improved addiction awareness, for increased prevention and for clients and their families to be assisted in remaining addiction free. We desire that HIV awareness improve and churches to engage in HIV care and support. We desire livelihood skills and employment to increase and more people able to afford their basic needs and utilize savings/credit appropriately. We hope communities would respect the presence of the church and recognize it as a catalyst for community wellbeing.

Please pray for:

  • clients to come to know Jesus and follow Him through our ministry.
  • staff to reflect Christ's love to those we minister to as we seek to alleviate human suffering, facilitate empowerment and improvement in health, livelihood and equality for those who are marginalized or living in poverty.
  • good relationships with local churches, communities and government.
  • political stability and that situation will not adversely affect our ministry.



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