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Health Care Ministries
11 July 2016

Our desire is to provide physical care for those who have little or no access to medical care and the Gospel.

Centro Evangelico Medico em Lubango (CEML) is a tertiary care institution with a network of rural health care centers. Health care ministries in Angola serve two large unreached people groups primarily the rural poor who have no access to health care and few opportunities to hear the Gospel as well as the urban upper classes who are also basically unreached with the Gospel.

Catota Hospital is a medical center in the eastern region, rebuilt by the government for a national church partner, the UIEA. They are expected to provide personnel. Currently there are insufficient trained personnel to meet the great needs.

Please pray for:

  • Success in obtaining the written permission and cooperation necessary from Ministry of Health authorities in each province.
  • Angolan staff development, doctors and nurses.
  • More expatriate long-term personnel.
  • Various equipment needs and funding needs.



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