Prayer Updates
Guarani Recording Task Force
11 October 2016

We strive to make Christ known and make his disciples where he is not known, irrespective of barriers and compelled by his great love by contextualizing, summarizing and recording discipleship materials in Guarani, the heart language of rural Paraguay.

We serve as an import agent for ministries and churches that wish to bring audio Bibles and other audio devices containing recorded Bible teachings to the Guarani speakers in rural Paraguay. We also work with the government and other NGOs creating audio recordings in Guarani and other minority languages of public service announcements dealing with health, safety, civil rights, constitutional rights, and law. We participate in the Great Commission by witnessing to and discipling those who record at the GRTF Studio into a closer walk with Christ.

Please pray:

  • That all those who come through the doors of the GRTF studio to record will be encouraged by what God is doing through their participation in the spread of God's Word.
  • For the broken and marginalized Christians who God brings to the studio, that they would be restored in their relationship with God and with others.
  • For those who come to the studio and don't know Christ. That they would be blessed by the believers involved in this ministry and come to know Christ as their Savior.
  • For the financial resources necessary to continue operations.



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