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Galmi Surgical Training
28 April 2016

The Galmi surgical training program trains and disciples African Christian surgeons to serve and live in Africa. These surgeons become witnesses to their patients as well as learning to lead and partner with local churches to strengthen the outreach into the community.

This training program is affiliated with the Pan-Africa Academy of Christian Surgeons. The training requires five years of residency after which the trained surgeon will be competent and qualified to operate on the most common surgical conditions in Africa. Galmi training program is accredited by COSECSA (College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa).

The surgical training program would like to build another duplex to accommodate the growing number of residents coming to the program.

This training program will directly impact the quality of health care services wherever the trained surgeons are placed. These surgeons are ambassadors of Christ's love taking the gospel where Christ is not known. These surgeons are part of the new generation of missionaries coming from non-traditional sending countries.

Please pray for:

  • More housing at Galmi for the increasing number of surgical residents.
  • More training personal to staff this program.
  • The adaptation of residents to a new situation and sometimes a different culture that they find at Galmi.
  • Balance between workload, family and ministry for both the trainers and the trainees.



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