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Danja Fistula Center
11 October 2016

Danja Fistula Center was created to offer hope and healing to women suffering from maternal birth injuries. These birth injuries like leprosy leave women stigmatized. Often these women leak urine and sometimes feces leaving them socially outcast. The center has five key components: Surgical Intervention, Prevention, Social Reintegration,Training, and Research.

Of these five components, the first three are the most developed at this point. Training and research will be added as the center gets more established. The Danja Fistula Center strives to bring the gospel to women and their families. Ironically, without this terrible, traumatizing condition, most of these women would not have a chance to hear of Christ's love, redemption and restoration. The prevention program seeks to educate the population on the causes for birth injuries and encourage families to make the effort to give birth in qualified medical care facilities.

The prevention program is also an excellent opportunity to take the gospel into the villages and homes in remote areas. The impact is much greater than just the women affected by obstetric fistula. Social reintegration involves literacy and skills training. Women who go through this program leave with a skill that can be used to generate income. This training also gives workers extended time to have a spiritual influence in the lives of those who have been served by the Center.

Please pray:

  • For increased recruitment of patients suffering from a maternal birth injury. The word needs to spread into these remote areas that help is available.
  • For increased opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with families of these women in a way that will be understood and meaningful.



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