Prayer Updates
Asia Pacific
Chiang Mai Calling
16 December 2016

This ministry has five goals:

  • to widen networks and deepen relationship with key stake holders for fulfilling the Great Commission in the region.
  • to engage Christian leaders including board and council members to raise resources in each country for the Great Commission.
  • to encourage leadership and management training of local leaders so they gain a mutual understanding of SIM toward fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • to raise complete capital from anywhere to everywhere in the areas of Intellectual, Social, Human, and Financial Capital.
  • to raise awareness among local leaders that these efforts are long-term, even with intentional guidance and facilitation. Perseverance and organizational patience is required.

Please pray for:

  • divine appointments with local Christian leaders so that Central and Southeast Asia can engage with leaders in each society for this ministry.
  • wisdom for the team so they can network and relate to multiple sets of relationships, social capital, social structures, and organisations.



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