Prayer Updates
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A Ministries
23 August 2016

By demonstrating the love, the truth and the power of Jesus, we desire to locate, evangelize and disciple A people. They, in turn, will grow and lead an indigenous church-planting movement among the A.

There are about 100 believers today. A new energy is felt among the team to multiply A disciplers and non-A believers who can evangelize and disciple A's. We pray and believe that this initiative will lead to the formation of the first A churches.

Please pray:

  • That radio programs would reach inaccessible areas where there is no current work.
  • That we would locate and train an A team to lead the way in producing new programs and other oral media.
  • That God would raise up a team of trained Ethiopians to join the current A ministries. Pray more churches in Ethiopia would catch a vision for the A and support financially and in prayer.
  • That God would open doors into new A communities.
  • That the health education project would lead to greater physical well-being among women and children and that the gospel would be shared.
  • That key A leaders would grow and understand God's word as they shepherd the small groups of believers. Pray these groups would grow into healthy and reproducing churches.



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