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Bringing peace - spring by spring | World Water Day 2017

22 March 2017 — In the Plateau State of Nigeria, water is bringing Christians and Muslims together like never before.

One letter starts a movement toward Christ among the Ingessana

21 January 2017 — Ingessana youth in South Sudan are coming to faith and desiring the gospel preached in their communities like never before.

Entire SIM South Sudan team safely evacuated amidst unrest

28 December 2016 — Eighteen adults and five children safely evacuated to Nairobi 27 December several days of nearby unrest in Doro area.

Economic and spiritual hope for North Africa

13 December 2016 — Providing vital jobs and building lasting relationships through missional business.

Courageous Mission in rural Kenya

9 December 2016 — Despite incredible risks, this missionary remains committed to these people who have never heard the gospel in rural Kenya.

SIM recruiting for migrant ministries across Europe

28 November 2016 — SIM united with other gospel-centred agencies to place workers with churches across Europe.

The nine year secondary education

14 November 2016 — War. Unrest. Displacement. The refugee students of SIC Secondary School in Doro, South Sudan, have been through much to see their education through.

$5M ELWA Hospital a new era for Liberian healthcare

24 October 2016 — New ELWA Hospital raising level of care with modern facilities.

An audience of 150,000 and growing

3 October 2016 — Amid a backdrop of civil war and hardship, Getachew and Tibarek are ministering to refugees in South Sudan. Many in the refugee camps have never heard the message of the Bible.

Meeting migrants at our doorstep: SIM missionaries looking to Europe

12 August 2016 — SIM researching best avenues to reach the scores of migrants landing in Europe.

Amid challenges, God at work in Mali ministries

9 August 2016 — Despite the challenges, some are coming to faith through new SIM ventures.

A child of war becomes a man of peace

4 August 2016 — Joseph Kur was a boy soldier in the Sudanese Civil War. Today Joseph is a committed Christian, living in Nairobi.

Praying for the people of France after Nice attack

15 July 2016 — Join us in prayer for the people of France.

Crying Out for Artists

13 July 2016 — SIM is looking for numerous artists in all disciplines to join ministries around the world.

Music academy develops talent, helps Nigerians worship

8 July 2016 — Egbe Music Academy offers scarce courses and instruments for young Nigerians.

Coming to Jesus: a Muslim in South Africa seeks truth

29 June 2016 — Sureya made a simple decision that led her to Christ and changed her life.

In the wake of Ebola, SIM offers ground-breaking medical treatment

24 June 2016 — Medical workers treat survivors while setting guidelines for global health community.

Two years after Ebola, survivors find new hope in trauma counseling

17 June 2016 — SIM and ECOL are helping survivors find hope from the trauma of the Ebola epidemic.

SIM's Danja Fistula Center Gives New Hope: International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 2016

23 May 2016 — Sub-saharan Africa has the highest incidence of obstetric fistula in the world. SIM seeks to change this.

International Day of Families 2016: Andrew's Legacy of Faith

12 May 2016 — International Day of Families 2016: Celebrating Andrew's Legacy of Faith

Two years later, Liberians find healing from Ebola's emotional scars

10 May 2016 — Liberians find healing from Ebola's emotional scars.

The Yao of Mozambique hear the gospel for first time

18 April 2016 — Eleven years after God gave them a dream to work with the rural Yao of Mozambique, Alfred and Belinda are now seeing people come to Christ.

Wolof Bible accessible like never before

15 April 2016 — With tremendous translation efforts and technological advances in scripture apps, the Wolof Bible is making its way into people's lives like never before.

In search of Jesus in a South Sudan refugee camp

25 March 2016 — Gospel doors open for the Ingessana in South Sudan as many are considering the good news of Christ amid political turmoil.

Resilient West African Women - a Women's Day tribute

8 March 2016 — We honor International Women's day by highlighting some extraordinary women in West Africa.

Nigeriens read New Testament for first time

5 February 2016 — Tamajaq Christians read New Testament in their language for the first time.

Health care is Good News!

1 February 2016 — Caring for patients means sharing the love of Jesus

We need Christian teachers!

19 January 2016 — An SIM family who run a safari business, providing jobs for members of the community, have promised that one day they will open a school.

Trauma is a mission field

7 January 2016 — Helping people with deep emotional and psychological wounds

Pray for the people "on the road"

23 November 2015 — Reaching out to diaspora groups from the Horn of Africa

We need pioneers!

26 October 2015 — How will the Church respond to North Africa's unreached?

A seminary transformed

28 July 2014 — One of Africa's finest theological schools weathers political turmoil.

Churches spread like wildfire in Equatorial Guinea

8 January 2014 — Churches in Equatorial Guinea are filled to capacity, and new ones are springing up where young people, on their own initiative, are going out to communities and sharing the gospel.

Honest: New Coach for Sports Friends Malawi

17 July 2012 — A local church in Malawi sends Honest to get training in sports ministry, and he is an answer to prayer!

The Moringa: Tree of life for the poor

29 May 2012Moringa oleifera may be one of the most useful trees on the planet today. Every part from root to leaf, flower to pod, bark to wood is valuable. This drought-resistant plant is not only affordable to the rich, but to the poorest of the poor.

Treasurers Needed

3 May 2012 — The newly formed East African Service Center based in Nairobi, Kenya, serves more than 100 missionaries in four countries and is currently looking for a treasurer. Do you know someone who could help?

The Irresistible Attraction of the Gospel

9 February 2012 — In the early 1970s the Marxist dictator in Somalia threatened to jail anyone caught listening to a Western radio broadcast. Yet one young Somali turned his dial to the Voice of New Life. Thirty years later, SIM workers meet him.

Telling the Gospel in Many Ways

9 February 2012 — There are many ways to share the Gospel in actions and words. Sometimes it takes many different ways, repeated over time, to make a difference.

Worship the "A" Way

6 February 2012 — Catch a glimpse of what group worship looks like among a remote nomadic people who live in the Horn of Africa.

The Open Door Behind Closed Doors

5 February 2012 — The "A" people, whom SIM does not name for security reasons, are a Muslim nomadic group who roam the Horn of Africa. Today nearly 1000 are followers of Christ and a church planting movement is gaining momentum.

Pray for the Horn

26 January 2012 — God is uniting a worldwide network of 1 million believers who will pray and fast specifically for the advancement of His Kingdom among the more than 100 million people of the Horn of Africa during the month of April 2012.

Making the Bible Accessible

9 January 2012 — If only 100,000 people spoke a language, would it be worth the effort to translate the Bible into their language? What about 50,000? Or 5,000? For SIM, 4000 speakers of a language is not too meager a population to warrant earnest translation.

Storytelling Gives Nomads Roots in the Gospel

8 November 2011 — A young man from a nomadic Muslim group comes to Christ. Despite persecution and estrangement, he returns to bring LIFE to his clan.

Vulnerable Children Receive Memory Books

28 April 2011 — Memory Books in Zimbabwe have become a powerful tool to help orphaned and vulnerable children become connected to their personal histories...

Memory Boxes

8 February 2011 — Read how Moms and Dads living with AIDS take time to record their family history and personal stories along with making photos for their children to keep forever...

Dorcas Widows Project

12 July 2010 — An impossible task made possible by an all-powerful God.

What Is FATEB?

6 April 2010 — FATEB is much more than our campus, buildings and courses; it's our graduates.

Open Doors for Mission in West Africa

9 November 2009 — Recently SIM leaders from West Africa and Europe gathered with West African mission and church leaders for prayer and worship, group discussion, and sessions on mission initiatives in West Africa.

Encouraging Mission Growth in West Africa

15 May 2009 — Mission vision has been growing in many African countries in recent years, and this is particularly so in West Africa.

Seminary Leaders Gather in Bulgaria

30 March 2009 — The Institute for Excellence 2009 conferences hope to nurture spiritual growth in seminary students.

Love and Hope in Southern Africa

6 February 2009 — Young people all over southern Africa are being trained and mentored to put their faith in Christ into action.

Setting a Child “Slave” Free

19 May 2008 — We long for a movement of global deliverance. But meanwhile we celebrate small victories, as in this story told by Corey and Katie, SIM workers in West Africa.

When HOPE Is All They Have

19 May 2008 — SIM personnel are working alongside our partner churches to relieve suffering, help stop the spread of HIV, and give the good news of eternal hope to those who are infected and affected.

Meet the New Missionaries from Eastern Europe

8 March 2007 — In the history of SIM, there is a long legacy of strong pioneering missionary women.

The Problem is Wrong Thinking

1 December 2006 — The Africa Bible Commentary addresses the causes of human suffering.

Church for All Nations

1 September 2006 — International Churches have a unique ministry, reaching out to expats and locals in cities with a large international population.

Churches Embrace AIDS Vicitms

1 March 2006 — In many of the African countries that SIM serves, the church is reaching out to those affected by HIV and AIDS.

Making a Difference in AIDS

7 February 2006 — Over three million people died of AIDS in 2004. (That's the equivalent in deaths of a tsunami about every 36 days.) Ninety per cent of those infected with HIV don't even know it.

Milking a Camel on a Sand Dune

8 December 2005 — When a listener to SIM's Somali Gospel broadcast wrote that "your advice did NOT become like a camel milked on a sand dune," the program producers rejoiced! Read how God is using radio to bring the Gospel to the Somalis.

The Lion Has no Teeth

1 December 2005 — “Why must they pay so high a price?” The answer might emerge years later, when a healthy church springs to life where the martyr’s blood stained the ground.

A Tribute to my Teachers

1 June 2005 — Steve and Beaj have been catalysts for transformation in dozens of lives—MKs, as well as children of diplomats and expatriate business people and local families of various religious backgrounds.

SIM Engages General Education Again

1 June 2005 — Once again, SIM is emphasizing general education, but with this difference: we will respond to requests from local churches to build their capacity to start and run schools for the children and youth of their communities.

SIM-TEC's Vision for Higher Education

1 June 2005 — Technology and Education for Christ—-these words define the TEC in “SIM-TEC” and describe a vision to empower the church to establish Christian colleges and vocational schools across Africa and beyond.


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