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Entire SIM South Sudan team safely evacuated amidst unrest

28 December 2016 — Eighteen adults and five children safely evacuated to Nairobi 27 December several days of nearby unrest in Doro area.

The nine year secondary education

14 November 2016 — War. Unrest. Displacement. The refugee students of SIC Secondary School in Doro, South Sudan, have been through much to see their education through.

An audience of 150,000 and growing

3 October 2016 — Amid a backdrop of civil war and hardship, Getachew and Tibarek are ministering to refugees in South Sudan. Many in the refugee camps have never heard the message of the Bible.

A child of war becomes a man of peace

4 August 2016 — Joseph Kur was a boy soldier in the Sudanese Civil War. Today Joseph is a committed Christian, living in Nairobi.

In search of Jesus in a South Sudan refugee camp

25 March 2016 — Gospel doors open for the Ingessana in South Sudan as many are considering the good news of Christ amid political turmoil.

Trauma is a mission field

7 January 2016 — Helping people with deep emotional and psychological wounds


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