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One letter starts a movement toward Christ among the Ingessana

21 January 2017 — Ingessana youth in South Sudan are coming to faith and desiring the gospel preached in their communities like never before.

Entire SIM South Sudan team safely evacuated amidst unrest

28 December 2016 — Eighteen adults and five children safely evacuated to Nairobi 27 December several days of nearby unrest in Doro area.

The nine year secondary education

14 November 2016 — War. Unrest. Displacement. The refugee students of SIC Secondary School in Doro, South Sudan, have been through much to see their education through.

An audience of 150,000 and growing

3 October 2016 — Amid a backdrop of civil war and hardship, Getachew and Tibarek are ministering to refugees in South Sudan. Many in the refugee camps have never heard the message of the Bible.

A child of war becomes a man of peace

4 August 2016 — Joseph Kur was a boy soldier in the Sudanese Civil War. Today Joseph is a committed Christian, living in Nairobi.

In search of Jesus in a South Sudan refugee camp

25 March 2016 — Gospel doors open for the Ingessana in South Sudan as many are considering the good news of Christ amid political turmoil.

Trauma is a mission field

7 January 2016 — Helping people with deep emotional and psychological wounds


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