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SIM's motto is "By Prayer" because we believe that our ministries cannot succeed without God's help and blessing. Your prayer partnership with us is vital. If you would like to receive regular prayer updates, please sign up with your local SIM office to receive a prayer newsletter. Thank you for praying!

Mobilisation Ministry

24 March 2017 — Our desire is to mobilise Filipino missionaries locally and to promote serving in other countries overseas through tent-making and traditional means.


3 March 2017 — This ministry aims to empower a movement of Pacific people, rising up and going into the nations, proclaiming the Gospel and demonstrating God's love and power.

Holistic Development and HIV

24 February 2017 — Our desire is to go where Christ is not known and to demonstrate His love in practical ways, serving and working with poor and marginalized individuals and communities.

Discipling and Training Churches

16 February 2017 — This ministry is to equip Mongolian leaders with leadership skills, godly character, and capacity for impacting the society.

Mobilising Missionaries and Churches

2 February 2017 — Our desire is to empower and mobilise Korean and Chinese missionaries and churches in reaching out through various ministries to communities who don't know Christ in SIM's strategic areas.

Chiang Mai Calling

16 December 2016 — This ministry has five goals...

Church Partnerships

9 December 2016 — Our desire is to facilitate more churches in Australia to fulfill Christ's global mission and cross-cultural mission locally.

Missionary Kid Education

7 November 2016 — The education of missionary children is a significant barrier to the Gospel moving into areas of Thailand where Christ is least known. We need multiple solutions for schooling.

Church Planting

24 October 2016 — Our desire is to plant churches among the urban poor in Colombo, with a focus on the Tamil people. Poverty, illiteracy, drug use, unemployment and relational tensions are all challenges, some of which would be addressed in the ministry.

Empowering, Equipping and Networking

5 October 2016 — Our desire is to equip Nepali Christians to grow in their faith to live and work for the greater benefit of all Nepalis.

Coaching in Outreach and Church Planting

12 September 2016 — We want to train and coach ethnic Christians to reach out to their own people and plant churches among them.

Youth and Children

29 August 2016 — Through our ministry partners, SIM India aims to disciple students in schools and on university campuses, train churches to engage with young people through sport, and minister to children at risk.

Endeavor the Lost

16 August 2016 — The aim is to establish and empower the startup ministries in Myanmar.

Cheuasai Church Planting

1 August 2016 — Our goal is to see a church in the heart of the Cheuasai region being led by Cheuasai people.

Mobilization for Christ's Global Mission

18 July 2016 — We want to mobilize more people, prayer, and funds for Christ's global mission, especially to the unreached and South Asia.

Pioneer Outreach in South Asia

18 July 2016 — Our desire is to open up new locations for evangelism and church-planting work in South Asia.

Migrant Ministries Klang

1 July 2016 — This ministry aims to seize the opportunity to reach out to marginalized, underprivileged and sometimes persecuted people with the love of Christ.

Radical Grace (Hope for AIDS)

20 June 2016 — Our desire is to compassionately care to those suffering with AIDS, to prevent the spread of AIDS through working with youth and other at-risk people and to weave discipleship throughout care and prevention activities.

Sports Friends

13 June 2016 — Sports Friends mission is to equip churches in Africa, Asia, and South America to make disciples of youth, their families, and their communities through strategic sports ministry.

Meeting Human Needs

13 May 2016 — Our goal is to strengthen Pakistani Churches by providing children's education, vocational training, mobile medical services and by backing financially astute Christian families through income generation programs.

Chinese Mobilization and Training

1 April 2016 — Our desire is to recruit more missionaries from Chinese churches.

Youth Ministry

24 March 2016 — Our dorm and training center aims to provide a residential facility for youth who come from rural villages to study in the city. While staying with us, they will be discipled and trained in Christian values and way of life.

Compassion Ministries

18 March 2016 — The Church has a mandate from Christ to reach out in compassion to people in need, to reflect God's character of justice and mercy and to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.

Bonba Church Planting

19 February 2016 — This ministry aims to see a church among the more than 1 million Bonba people located in a mountainous isolated region. Currently there is no church in this region where the Bonba people can speak about Jesus in their mother tongue.

Discipling Believers in South Asia

29 January 2016 — Pray for believers to deeply understand the Bible.


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