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SIM's motto is "By Prayer" because we believe that our ministries cannot succeed without God's help and blessing. Your prayer partnership with us is vital. If you would like to receive regular prayer updates, please sign up with your local SIM office to receive a prayer newsletter. Thank you for praying!

Rural Church Planting

16 March 2017 — Our aim is to equip and gather rural Christians to establish churches in key areas.

Apurimac Church Planting and Discipleship

16 March 2017 — Peruvian believers and SIM missionaries seek to see churches planted and believers discipled into mature Christians in the rural villages of Apurimac.

Oficina de Conexion Latinoamericana

10 March 2017 — This ministry aims to engage Latin American churches to participate in Christ's mission across cultures.

Rural Church Planting

6 January 2017 — Our intention is to proclaim the Gospel and establish churches in areas where Christ is not known or there has been little Gospel presence in rural areas.

Mission Mobilisation

20 December 2016 — This ministry is to equip and empower Christians to take the lead in sending Chilean missionaries.

Church Engagement Canada

16 December 2016 — Recognising that missions organisations need to re-engage the church, SIM Canada is embarking on a long-term strategy to boost missionary numbers through several objectives.

Diaspora Refugee Ministry

17 November 2016 — With the great influx of immigrants and refugees into the US, many of which represent communities where Christ is least known, we see a tremendous opportunity to show the love of Christ and proclaim the gospel.

Church Planting

14 November 2016 — The aim of this ministry is to grow and empower the Uruguayan church by planting and equipping church plants in a society where secularism is the dominant religion.

Cotahuasi Canyon Church Planting and Discipleship

17 October 2016 — Our desire is too see churches planted and believers discipled into mature Christians in the Cotahuasi Canyon.

Guarani Recording Task Force

11 October 2016 — We strive to make Christ known and make his disciples where he is not known, irrespective of barriers and compelled by his great love by contextualizing, summarizing and recording discipleship materials in Guarani, the heart language of rural Paraguay.

Leader Development

19 September 2016 — An initiative to develop the leaders and the leadership capacity of SIM has been commissioned.

Impacto Mundial

23 August 2016 — Our desire is to mobilize churches in Ecuador for cross-cultural missions.

ProVision Mission Agency Chile

16 August 2016 — Our desire it to send Chileans into the mission field.

Growing Pastors

8 August 2016 — Our desire is to train, disciple, and encourage pastors and leaders of local churches to better understand the Gospel in order to teach others this life-giving news.

Communications Development

1 August 2016 — Providing SIM Canada missionaries with both communication training and an effective communication platform is imperative to engage our existing and younger constituencies.


25 July 2016 — The vision of Kayuparu is to plant a church that disciples shoe shiners to Jesus, and then courageously sends them back out into the world.

Youth Leader Training

28 June 2016 — Our aim is to train and inspire leaders to increase spiritual unity by offering personal mentoring, advice and training to local youth leaders, helping them start new initiatives, as they face new challenges in their ministries.

Multi-Ethnic Mobilization

28 June 2016 — This effort is to develop a strategy for mobilizing minority ethnic groups in the USA for mission engagement with SIM.

Timothy Training School

23 May 2016 — The Timothy Training School serves to fulfill Christ's mission across cultures by offering a unique theological training to Guarani speaking believers in rural Paraguay.

Quechua Ministry

8 February 2016 — Compassionately serving and empowering Quechua communities

Culture Connections

8 February 2016 — Empower and equip Canadian churches to engage with cross-cultural neighbors locally.


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