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SIM's motto is "By Prayer" because we believe that our ministries cannot succeed without God's help and blessing. Your prayer partnership with us is vital. If you would like to receive regular prayer updates, please sign up with your local SIM office to receive a prayer newsletter. Thank you for praying!

Building Peace & Reconciliation Community Centre (BRiCC)

10 March 2017 — BRiCC is a community centre in central Jos that aims to build peace and reconciliation through relationships. Our goal is to bring Christians and Muslims together so that walls of fear and hate can be torn down and love and trust built up.

Christian Education

3 March 2017 — The Christian Education ministry seeks to reach children, one of Niger's most vulnerable groups, with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Youth and Children Ministries

24 February 2017 — The goal of this ministry is to train Namibians in and outside of churches to reach out to children and young people who are growing up without hearing the Good News.

Biblical Literature

16 February 2017 — This ministry creates or translates and prints biblical literature in northern Mozambique.

Church Leadership Training

9 February 2017 — This ministry provides courses in biblical knowledge and evangelism for pastors and church leaders of various denominations.

Advance Mission

9 February 2017 — Our desire is to equip and empower missionaries from non-traditional sending countries.

Health Ministry

2 February 2017 — We seek to reduce infant and mother mortality and provide elementary and primary care for a population that largely goes without health care of any kind.

S* Ministry Outreach

20 January 2017 — The primary goal of this ministry is to see God build a thriving, self-sustaining S* church in Kenya by developing relationships and sharing the gospel with S* individuals.

Children's Outreach and Discipleship

13 January 2017 — Our aim is to express Christ's love and compassion to children and youth who live and die without Him. We desire to share with them the story of the Good News of Jesus, discipling them to trust and obey Him.

Dagomba People Outreach

13 January 2017 — This ministry seeks to see the many who live and die without Christ among the Muslim Dagomba hear and understand the Gospel.

Bingham Academy

6 January 2017 — This ministry provides quality Christian education for the children of missionaries and of others who seek to have a kingdom impact in Ethiopia.

Radio Frequence Vie

20 December 2016 — We envision the entire country of Cote d'Ivoire and beyond being reached with the gospel message through FM radio.

Christian Education

9 December 2016 — Our aim is to transform Christian education and worldview development by improving several Christian schools that already exist.

Remote Area Dweller Ministry

2 December 2016 — Our aim is to complete the Bible translation and oral translation of Bible stories into the San language of !Xoon.

Leadership and Discipleship Training

2 December 2016 — Our goal is to develop leadership and discipleship skills among current and future church leaders.

Orphan and Vulnerable Children Ministry

22 November 2016 — Our main desire is to show the love of God to children in need and to help them learn to live God-fearing lives building the Kingdom of God.

First Ripple Discipleship

22 November 2016 — This ministry has a goal to train a total of 650 pastors and lay leaders in discipleship and vision-building in each of the six regions of the Union of Evangelical Churches of Angola.

Mongu Youth Centre

17 November 2016 — The Mongu Youth Centre reaches out through sports and Bible studies, while providing a safe environment.


14 November 2016 — Our aim is to provide culture and language learning in a relational mission environment, for equipping of candidates' capacity and calling for gospel ministry in a cross-cultural context where Jesus is least known.


14 November 2016 — Our aim is to mentor workers to be fruitful in mission through 1-2 year mission-mentoring relationships with accompanying missionary discipleship.


14 November 2016 — The Engage programme is a two year programme designed to resource churches and networks of churches in multi-cultural gospel mission locally, and support their sending of mature disciples into mission to the nations globally.

Equipping the Church for Missions

7 November 2016 — We want the South Sudan church to be convinced that no one should live and die without hearing the gospel.

Peace Building Ministry

31 October 2016 — Our goal is to equip churches and individuals to handle conflicts in a biblical way. We hope to introduce the program "Restorative Justice" in Swiss Prisons and reach out to prisoners with the Gospel.

Jang du Wees English Centre

31 October 2016 — We are looking for English teachers with a passion for evangelism in a West Africa context.

English Resource Centre

17 October 2016 — This ministry is using the avenue of teaching English to university students as a means to build relationships with them and share the gospel through whatever means possible.

Danja Fistula Center

11 October 2016 — Danja Fistula Center was created to offer hope and healing to women suffering from maternal birth injuries.

Evangelism and Ministry Training

5 October 2016 — Our desire is to see Muslims evangelized through training and equipping of evangelical church leaders.

Social and Economic Development

23 September 2016 — Our desire is to further integral development and evangelism in Madagascar. This ministry seeks to address extreme poverty experienced in many regions of Madagascar.

Cell Church Development

19 September 2016 — This ministry uses cell church principles to deepen discipleship and encourage evangelistic outreach among local believers, thereby strengthening churches and communities throughout Kenya.

Maninka Audio Media Outreach

12 September 2016 — Our focus is to record Scripture portions and other materials in the Maninka language which can then be distributed on cassettes or SD cards.

Mission Mobilization

29 August 2016 — Our goal is to engage the many Christians in Ghana, to challenge them and mobilize them for involvement in Global mission.

A Ministries

23 August 2016 — By demonstrating the love, the truth and the power of Jesus, we desire to locate, evangelize and disciple A people. They, in turn, will grow and lead an indigenous church-planting movement among the A.

Children's Ministry

8 August 2016 — This ministry aims to equip children's ministry workers and parents with Biblical training and resources so that Evangelical churches in Ethiopia can reach the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fulani Ministries

25 July 2016 — The aim is to facilitate the Theological training of more Fulani to reach their own people with the gospel.

Health Care Ministries

11 July 2016 — Our desire is to provide physical care for those who have little or no access to medical care and the Gospel.

Home Based Care Ministry

5 July 2016 — Our desire is to reach the terminally ill, the elderly and their caregivers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation before their life on this earth ends.

Equipping Pastors Conference

5 July 2016 — Our goal is to provide on-site, week-long training conferences, covering subjects to better equip pastors for ministry in their communities.

Lindi Christian School Building

20 June 2016 — Our desire is to build and start a Christian primary school where there are none.

Unity Education Center

13 June 2016 — Our desire is to prepare students who can make a positive contribution to the development of the South Sudan church and nation, through tertiary education, taking jobs in government, with NGOs, or involving themselves in community or church leadership.

Church Planting

3 June 2016 — Our desire is to plant evangelical, Bible-teaching, spirit-filled churches in Austria.

ZEBS Lesotho

1 June 2016 — Our desire is to see a full-time teaching missionary sent to Lesotho, to help establish Zion Evangelical Bible Schools (ZEBS) in the District and beyond.

Wolofal Translation

13 May 2016 — This project aims to translate the Wolof Roman script Bible into Wolofal.

Galmi Surgical Training

28 April 2016 — Galmi surgeons are ambassadors of Christ's love taking the gospel where Christ is not known.

Pastor's Book Set

28 April 2016 — The goal of this ministry is to provide teaching tools and materials to 1,400 Christian workers in Namibia and to provide Biblical teaching at the eight different Pastor's Book Set (PBS) conferences.

Bible and Technical Training Institute of Lichinga

22 April 2016 — Our goal is to establish a Bible institute in Lichinga, Mozambique which will be in conjunction with a technical school.

Yawo Outreach Ministry

15 April 2016 — Our desire is to empower church planting among the Yawo people group who are predominantly Muslim. There are a small number of house churches in the area but these are limited.

Radio Outreach

1 April 2016 — This ministry seeks to evangelize and disciple Tigrinya-speaking people in Eritrea, Ethiopia, and around the world (with a special focus on youth, church leaders and those in prison) using radio.

Ministry Partnership and Development in North Africa

24 March 2016 — This ministry aim is to successfully network and partner with likeminded agencies and businesses in order to greatly augment the number of creative access workers in North Africa through SIM's global mobilizing centers.

University Student Outreach and Development

18 March 2016 — Our main emphasis is to evangelize to university students, especially those from a Muslim background.

Media Ministry

11 March 2016 — Our aim is for people throughout Ethiopia, who live outside the influence of an evangelical church, to hear the gospel proclaimed, respond in faith, and grow in their understanding of what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus.

Street Kids

26 February 2016 — Our aim is to empower youth and provide resources to help them transition into adulthood.

Medical Ministries

12 February 2016 — The medical centers seek to provide quality and compassionate medical care, including outpatient consultations, pre and postnatal care, children's clinics and vaccination program, care of malnourished children and orphans and laboratory services.

Literacy and Bible Translation

29 January 2016 — Pray for God's protection of the translation team members.

Widespread killings in capital, seminary classes halt

30 January 2014 — The Bangui Evangelical School of Theology has ceased holding classes and its 12-acre campus has become a refuge for displaced and traumatized people.

Pray for Egypt

16 February 2011 — Although SIM does not work in Egypt, we pray earnestly for each man, woman and child in that country...


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