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By the year 2050, it is estimated there will be 12 billion people in the world—8 billion of whom will be children, youth, and young adults. These are statistics Hannelore Zimmermann knows well. She has been active in children’s ministry since she was 13, and today she trains children’s workers in the highlands of Peru. Hannelore reminds us, “If we reach the children of today, we can change the world of tomorrow.”

Read updates from Hannelore below:

CrucialMoments Regional Gathering

20 July 2009 — Insights into the SIM "CrucialMoments" Regional Gathering held in Lima, Peru.

Global Children's Forum

10 June 2009 — Last month I had the privilege of participating in the Global Children’s Forum and representing SIM’s children’s ministries there.

Children's Ministry Trends

6 May 2009 — During the last month I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with many of SIM’s leaders and learn about what is going on in the different countries.

Children's Ministry Cross-Culturally: Potted Plant or Seed?

20 February 2009 — Are we sometimes guilty of giving people "potted plants"—fully-developed programs which make sense to us, are aesthetically pleasing to us, and which have worked for us in our settings? Do they always "fit" in other settings?

The Value of Partnership in Children's Ministry

1 October 2008 — Our strong connection to the churches in our host countries makes us an ideal partner for other organizations that offer specialized services, but might not always have the necessary contacts and relationships that are needed to make a long-term impact.

Crucial Moments

6 June 2008 — Crucial means “extremely significant or important, decisive”. This is why we call SIM’s network of children’s ministries “CrucialMoments”. It is extremely significant, important and decisive that we reach the children of this world for Christ.

Children's Ministry as Done by Missionaries in Partnership with Local or National Churches

28 February 2008 — Comments from Rev. Christopher Maphosa, the national coordinator for Nhasi Zve Mangwana (Today For Tomorrow) children's ministry in Zimbabwe, on the topic of doing children’s ministry in partnership between missionaries and people from the host culture.

Calling the Children

Hannelore questions, "Has children's ministry become an integral part of what we are and what we do as SIM?" in this Priority! blog post.


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