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Technical Services

Support services are what enable our mission and our missionaries to flourish. If you are a pilot, mechanic, computer programmer, builder, radio engineer, or a handyman, there is a place for you to make a difference in world missions.

Architect Building Designer for Hospital 1-2 years
Computer Support and Capacity Building Under 1 year
Computer Training
Engineer, Maintenance Manager for Hospital
Hospital and Public Health Research Coordinator Under 1 year
Chief Facilities Officer CFAO (Angola) Priority
Facilities Management and Maintenance (Burkina Faso) Priority
IT Specialist for a Medical Records System (Burkina Faso) Under 1 year
Mechanic (Burkina Faso) Priority
Web Developer (Burkina Faso) Under 1 year
Maintenance and Technical Assistant (Benin) Under 1 year
Maintenance Supervisor (Benin)
Bingham Facilities Manager (Ethiopia) 1-2 years
Computer Programmer (France)
Software Programmer--Open Source Hospital Information Management System (Kenya)
Construction Manager (Liberia) Priority
ELWA Services Advisor/Trainer (Liberia)
IT Specialist (Liberia) Priority
Church Planting Support (Malawi) Priority
IT Specialist (Malawi) 1-2 years
Building and Maintenance Supervisors (Niger)
General Helper for Galmi (Niger) Under 1 year
Information Systems Administrators (Niger) Priority
Medical Technicians, Galmi Hospital (Lab, X-ray, Biomedical) (Niger) Priority
Computer Trainer, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (Nigeria) Priority
Consultant to Maintenance Manager (Nigeria) Priority
Street Children Ministry IT Trainer and Coordinator (Nigeria) Priority 1-2 years
Vehicle Mechanic and Fleet Manager, Egbe Hospital (Nigeria) Priority
Web Developer for University Students (Peru) Priority
Online Course and IT Manager (Pakistan) 1-2 years
Church Planting/Evangelist/Small Engine Repair Specialist (Paraguay)
Aircraft Maintenance Specialists (South Sudan)
Builder and Engineer for Doro, Upper Nile, South Sudan (South Sudan) 1-2 years
Builder and Handyman (South Sudan) Priority 1-2 years
Operations Manager for Bases in South Sudan (South Sudan) Priority
Pilot and Mechanic (South Sudan)
IT Technician for AERC (Thailand)
IT Assistant: Database, App & Website Development (United States of America) Priority 1-2 years
Construction Manager (Uruguay)
Maintenance Supervisor (South Africa)
Mission House and Property Manager (South Africa) Priority 1-2 years
Biomedical Equipment Maintenance (Zambia) Under 1 year
Hospital Maintenance Supervisor (Zambia) Priority
Mechanic with Electrical Knowledge (Zambia) 1-2 years
TEN3 Computer Programmer and Technical Consultant (International Leadership and Services)


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