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Short Term Assignment/Internship

If you are looking to get a taste of world mission, a short-term assignment may be right for you.  Our staff can work with you to match your skills, experience, education, interests and timeframe (up to two years) with a ministry in Asia, Africa, or South America.

China Internships--Practical Ministry and Culture Experience Under 1 year
Internship Under 1 year
Mission Internship (Angola) Under 1 year
Missions Exposure (Burkina Faso) Under 1 year
Technical Internship (Burkina Faso) Under 1 year
Shorter-Term Exposure--Quechua Ministry (Bolivia) Under 1 year
Botswana Linguistics Internship (Botswana) Under 1 year
Communications Internship (Malawi) Under 1 year
Youth Ministry Worker (Malawi) Under 1 year
Internship (Niger) 1-2 years
Ministry Exposure Trip (Niger) Under 1 year
Church Planting Apprenticeship (Paraguay)
Church Planting Internship (Paraguay) 1-2 years
CSEA Administrative Assistant (Thailand) Priority Under 1 year


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