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Medical and Health Ministry

As a nurse, doctor, or hospital administrator, you can provide compassionate care to the sick or make an impact in the HIV and AIDS epidemic. SIM places medical professionals in mission hospitals, small clinics, community health projects, and church-based HIV and AIDS ministries.

Biomedical Engineer Technician for Hospital
Medical Student Elective Under 1 year
Medical Work in Hospital among Minority People Groups
Mental Health Professionals to Equip Others Priority Under 1 year
Nurse Priority
Nurse Clinical Tutor
Public Health or Community Development Worker
Anesthetist (Angola)
Community Health Nurse (Angola)
Doctor for the UIEA Health Clinic (Angola)
Epidemiologist (Angola)
General Practitioner (Angola)
Hospital Nurse (Angola)
Intensive Care and/or ER Nurse (Angola) 1-2 years
Internist (Angola)
Lab Technician (Angola) 1-2 years
Medical Student Elective (Angola) Under 1 year
Nurse Midwife at Menongue and Rio da Huila (Angola)
Nurse Practitioner at Rio da Huila Clinic (Angola)
Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant (Angola) 1-2 years
Nurse/Anesthetist (Angola)
Pharmacist (Angola) 1-2 years
Surgeon (Angola) Priority
Surgeon at UIEA Health Clinics (Angola)
Medical Doctors and Surgeons (Burkina Faso) Priority
Midwife (Burkina Faso) Priority
Physical Therapist (Burkina Faso) Priority
Associate Nurses (Short-Term Nurses) for Bembereke Hospital (Benin) Under 1 year
Laboratory Technician and Assistant (Benin) Priority 1-2 years
Midwife for Bembereke Hospital (Benin) Priority 1-2 years
Nurse for Emergency Service at Bembereke Hospital (Benin) Priority
Pediatrician at Bembereke Hospital (Benin) Priority
Pharmacist (Benin) Priority 1-2 years
Radiologist or Radiologic (X-ray) Technician (Benin) Priority 1-2 years
Visiting Physicians Various Specialties at Bembereke Hospital (Benin) Priority Under 1 year
Nurse for Rural Town and Peri-Urban Development Team (Bolivia)
Primary Care Physican Peri-Urban and Rural Ministry Team (Bolivia)
Afar - Medical Professional (Ethiopia) Priority
Arsi Oromo - Langano Clinic Medical Professional (Ethiopia) Priority
Health Educator--Northern Ghana (Ghana) Priority
Doctors--Various Specialties (India) Priority
Clinical Services Director for ELWA Hospital (Liberia) Priority
Dentist (Liberia)
Diagnostic Services Director for ELWA Hospital (Liberia) Priority
General Surgeon (Liberia) Priority
Laboratory Technician for ELWA Hospital (Liberia) Priority
Nurse Educator for ELWA Hospital (Liberia) Priority
Nurse, Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant (Liberia)
Operating Room Supervisor for ELWA Hospital (Liberia) Priority
Primary Care Physician (Liberia) Priority
Trinity Dental Clinic Volunteers (Liberia) Under 1 year
Medical Professionals (Mongolia)
Associate Laboratory Technician (Malawi) 1-2 years
HIV/AIDS Ministry Exposure (Malawi) Under 1 year
Laboratory Technician (Malawi)
Medical Doctor at ABC Community Clinic (Malawi)
Nursing (Malawi)
Pediatric Doctor (Malawi)
Pharmacist (Malawi) Priority
Physician (Malawi) Priority Under 1 year
Physician (Malawi) Priority
Research Nurse (Malawi)
Administrator(s) for Danja Health and Leprosy Center and Danja Fistula Center (Niger) Priority
Chief of Surgery at Danja Fistula Center (Niger)
Community Health & Development Facilitator (Niger)
Danja Fistula Center Nurse Anesthetist (Niger)
Danja Fistula Center Nurse Educator (Niger)
Doctor and Leprosy Programme Manager (Niger)
Doctor for Centre de Sante et de Leprologie--Danja and Maradi Area (Niger) Priority
Doctors and Surgeons for Galmi Hospital (Niger) Priority
Hospital Director for Galmi Hospital (Niger)
Hospital Pharmacist for Galmi (Niger)
Master of Public Health Practicum (Niger) Under 1 year
Nurse Educator for Galmi Hospital (Niger) Priority
Ophthalmologist for CHLF-Danja (Niger)
Pharmacist for CSL--Danja (Niger)
Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist (Niger)
Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist for Galmi Hospital (Niger)
Radiologist (Niger)
School Nurse for Sahel Academy (Niger)
Anesthetist, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria) Priority
Biomedical Technician, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria) Priority
Consultant to Senior Nurse (Nigeria)
Dental Hygienist for Miango (Nigeria) Under 1 year
Dentist, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria) Priority
General Surgeon, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria)
Health Worker for Sensitive Relationship-Building Ministry (Nigeria) Priority
Medical Ministry Options for Egbe (Nigeria)
Nurse Educators for ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria)
Nurses, ECWA Hospital Egbe--Various Specialties (Nigeria)
Ophthalmologist for ECWA Eye Hospital Kano (Nigeria) Priority
Ophthalmologist for ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria)
Physicians, ECWA Hospital Egbe, Various Specialties (Nigeria)
Physiotherapist, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria)
Project Manager for HIV and AIDS Counseling Centre--Egbe (Nigeria)
Radiologist, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria)
Medical Doctors- Gynecologist, Pediatrician, General Anesthetist (Nepal) Priority
Medical Electives at Lamjung Hospital (Human Development Community Services) (Nepal) Under 1 year
Medical Electives at Tansen Hospital, Nepal (Nepal) Under 1 year
Medical Missions Exploration Internship (Nepal) Under 1 year
Medical Positions for Tansen Hospital, Nepal (Nepal)
Medical Positions--HDCS (Nepal)
Nurse Tutors for Tansen Nursing School, Nepal (Nepal)
Dental Assistant or Dental Hygienist (Peru) Under 1 year
Dental Professionals for Diospi Suyana Hospital (Peru) Priority
Physicians for Diospi Suyana - Mission Hospital (Peru)
Church Planter, Optometrist, Opthamologist (Paraguay) Priority
Church Planter, Primary Health Care (Paraguay) 1-2 years
Dentist Evangelist (Senegal) Priority
Assistant Health Program Manager (South Sudan) Priority
Community Health Outreach Worker (South Sudan) Priority
Deputy Health Project Manager (South Sudan)
Leprosy--Community Health Outreach Worker (South Sudan) Priority
Medical Doctor (South Sudan) 1-2 years
Nurse or Midwife (South Sudan) Priority
Nutrition Village Assistant (South Sudan) Priority
Physician Assistant (South Sudan) Priority 1-2 years
Registered Nurse (South Sudan) Priority
Psychiatrist for Cornerstone Counseling Center (Thailand)
Staff Nurse (United States of America)
Anaesthesiologist (Zambia) Priority
Laboratory Technologist--Mukinge (Zambia) Priority
Med Student Elective at Mukinge (Zambia) Under 1 year
Medical Doctor Obstetrician (Zambia)
Medical Doctor Pediatrician (Zambia)
Midwife Student Elective- Mukinge (Zambia) Under 1 year
Nurse Anesthetist (Zambia) Priority
Nurse Midwife (Zambia) 1-2 years
Pharmacist (Zambia) Priority
Registered Nurse Tutor (Zambia)
Short-Term Surgeon for Mukinge Hospital (Zambia) Under 1 year


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