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SIM is looking for innovative and gifted artists who are passionate about communicating the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness to people around the globe. If you have training in radio, web design, journalism, photography, music, or drama, you can make an impact by telling the stories of God's work around the world and equipping others to do so in their cultural context.

Assistant to the Director of "Sanctity of Life" Ministry Under 1 year
Communications Manager and Office Manager (Burkina Faso) Priority Under 1 year
Recording Studio Supervisor (Benin)
SIM Benin-Togo Radio Coordinator (Benin)
Coordinator for Media Production Service (Côte d'Ivoire) Priority
Media - Web Page Designer/IT Support (Ethiopia) Under 1 year
Digital Publishing Secretary (France)
Media Coordinator for Radio Studio (Guinea)
Christian Radio Consultant (Liberia) Priority
Communications Coordinator (Nigeria) Priority
Media and Communications Facilitator for Indigenous Missions (Nigeria) Priority
Trainer and Writer for Grants and Proposals (Nigeria) Priority Under 1 year
Graphic Designer (Nepal) Priority 1-2 years
Radio Ministry in the Peruvian Andes (Peru)
Communication Officer (South Sudan)
Sudan Reporter (South Sudan) 1-2 years
Trans World Radio Station Director, Swaziland (Swaziland)
Sports Friends Communication Coordinator (United States of America)
Sports Friends Graphic Designer (United States of America) Priority
Radio Technician/Mentor (Uruguay)
Communications Manager with Partner Organization (South Africa)
Technology Coordinator, Skogheim Christian Conference Centre (South Africa)
Trans World Radio Journalist-Writer (South Africa)
Media Development Coordinator (Zambia) Priority Under 1 year
Sports Friends Media Specialist (International Leadership and Services) Under 1 year
TEN3 Communication Manager (International Leadership and Services)
TEN3 Writer and Editor (International Leadership and Services) Priority


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