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Missions by Your Career

Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership

You can serve God with your business or administrative skills in many ways. By starting a business, you can make an impact in a location closed to traditional missionaries. By serving in one of our offices, you can keep our personnel and ministries flourishing.

Children and Youth

In many countries where we work, children under 15 years old make up half of the population. You can help meet the needs of children—by caring for orphans, discipling youth, training Sunday School teachers, and more.

Community Education

If you are a teacher or you are gifted with particular skills, you can make an enormous impact on an entire community through education that offers hope for a better life. You might teach English, basic health, computers, or other life skills that will enable people to secure a stable future. All these would be platforms for teaching them about the brightest future of all—eternal life!

Development and Relief

Whether through providing clean water, improving agriculture, empowering people through small businesses, or providing relief in drought or natural disaster, we can use your skills to provide compassionate, holistic service in Christ's name.

Evangelism/Church Growth

You can share the Gospel among the world's least reached by living your life among them. In other places where the church is still young, there are many opportunities to train and disciple youth, families, and church leaders.

International Schools and MK Education

If you are a teacher, principal, or you just love kids, you can make an impact in a school for missionary children or an education project that offers children a hope for a better life. Your skills in teaching university level courses can open the door in nations closed to traditional missionaries.

Literacy and Translation

SIM is committed to providing every church that we have helped to plant with access to the Bible, in its own language. Working in teams, and often in partnership with other organizations, you can help give a new church its most important tool. Literacy training goes hand in hand with translation work, enabling people to read their new Bibles.

Media and Arts

SIM is looking for innovative and gifted artists who are passionate about communicating the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness to people around the globe. If you have training in radio, web design, journalism, photography, music, or drama, you can make an impact by telling the stories of God's work around the world and equipping others to do so in their cultural context.

Medical and Health Ministry

As a nurse, doctor, or hospital administrator, you can provide compassionate care to the sick or make an impact in the HIV and AIDS epidemic. SIM places medical professionals in mission hospitals, small clinics, community health projects, and church-based HIV and AIDS ministries.

Short Term Assignment/Internship

If you are looking to get a taste of world mission, a short-term assignment may be right for you.  Our staff can work with you to match your skills, experience, education, interests and timeframe (up to two years) with a ministry in Asia, Africa, or South America.


SIM welcomes teams to experience global mission up close and hands on! If your group has skills in building and maintenance, caring for children, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), sharing faith with young people, or praying you can make an impact in God's world.

Technical Services

Support services are what enable our mission and our missionaries to flourish. If you are a pilot, mechanic, computer programmer, builder, radio engineer, or a handyman, there is a place for you to make a difference in world missions.

Theological Education

SIM believes that developing the minds of local Christians will help the church to navigate issues that arise from its unique cultural context. If you have a passion to train local believers and develop indigenous Christian scholarship, then we can place you in a Bible school, seminary, or theological education by extension programs.


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