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International Schools and MK Education

If you are a teacher, principal, or you just love kids, you can make an impact in a school for missionary children or an education project that offers children a hope for a better life. Your skills in teaching university level courses can open the door in nations closed to traditional missionaries.

Home School Helper Under 1 year
MK Boarding School Teachers
Secondary Teacher for International Study Group 1-2 years
Student Teacher Internship Under 1 year
Teacher for Small Home School Co-Op 1-2 years
Teacher for Christian International School (Angola) Priority 1-2 years
Teacher for Life Academy (Burkina Faso) 1-2 years
Primary School Teacher (Benin)
Computer Teacher (Grades 6-12) (Bolivia) Priority
Director/Principal of Carachipampa Christian School (Bolivia) Priority
Elementary Teacher(s) for Carachipampa Christian School (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
ESL Teacher for Mission School (Bolivia) 1-2 years
High School Art, Design, and Technology Teacher (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
High School English Teacher (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
High School Mathematics Teachers (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
High School Science Teachers (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
High School Social Studies Teacher (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
Home School Teacher for Year 1 Student (Bolivia) Priority Under 1 year
Music Teacher (Grades K-12) (Bolivia) Priority 1-2 years
Physical Education & Health Teacher (Bolivia) Priority
Teacher's Aide/Assistant (Bolivia) 1-2 years
Teachers for XIA (China)
Middle High School Teacher MK School (Ecuador)
Art Teacher (Ethiopia) Priority
Bingham ICT and IT Teacher (Ethiopia) Priority
Biology Teacher (Ethiopia) Priority
Business Studies Teacher (Ethiopia)
Chemistry Teacher (Ethiopia) Priority
Creative Arts Director (Ethiopia)
Curriculum Coordinator (Ethiopia)
Director, Bingham Academy (Ethiopia) Priority
Elementary/Primary Teacher (Ethiopia)
English Teacher for Middle School and High School (Ethiopia)
ESL/ELL Teacher (Ethiopia)
Interim Director (Ethiopia) 1-2 years
Learning Support Coordinator (Ethiopia)
Learning Support Teacher for Bingham Academy (Ethiopia) Priority
Music Teacher (Ethiopia)
Secondary French Teacher (Ethiopia)
Spanish Teacher (Ethiopia)
Teacher Coach (Ethiopia)
Teacher Librarian (Ethiopia)
MK Elementary Teacher (Guinea)
Urban School Teachers (India)
Pastoral Care Couple (Kenya) Priority
Teacher for Missionary Kids (Madagascar) Priority
Home Schooling Facilitator (Mozambique)
Shorter-Term Missions Exposure (Mozambique) 1-2 years
Teaching English (Mozambique) Priority
Administrative Assistant, Sahel Academy (Niger)
Assistant Dorm Parent (Niger)
Assistant Principal, Sahel Academy (Niger)
Assistant to Sahel Staff (Niger)
Curriculum Developer for Sahel Academy (Niger) 1-2 years
Dorm Parents, Sahel Academy (Niger)
Dorm Program Administrator, Sahel Academy (Niger) Priority
Elementary Education Teachers, Galmi (Niger) Priority
Elementary Teachers for Sahel Academy (Niger)
Food Services Manager (Niger)
Guidance Counselor for Sahel Academy (Niger)
Home School Teacher for Missionary Children (Niger) 1-2 years
Sahel Academy Secondary (High School) Teachers (Niger)
Sahel Academy Teacher for K-12 with ESL Training (Niger) 1-2 years
School Librarian (Niger)
Special Education Resource Teacher, Sahel Academy (Niger)
Teacher's Aide for Sahel Academy (Niger) 1-2 years
Youth Ministries Leader at Sahel Academy (Niger)
Teachers for Hillcrest School (Nigeria) Priority 1-2 years
Elementary School Teacher - Hillcrest (Nigeria) Priority
High School English Teacher--Hillcrest (Nigeria) Priority
Hillcrest School Superintendent (Nigeria) Priority
Library Worker at Theological Seminary, Kagoro (Nigeria) Priority
Lifetime Skills Teacher for Hillcrest School (Nigeria) 1-2 years
Math Teacher at Hillcrest (Nigeria) Priority
Missionary Kids Teacher in Egbe, Nigeria (Nigeria) Priority Under 1 year
Spiritual Life Coordinator--Hillcrest (Nigeria) Priority
Teacher (Nigeria)
Teacher for Missionary Children (Nigeria)
Primary Teacher (Nepal) Priority Under 1 year
Teachers for Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC)--Nepal (Nepal) 1-2 years
Teachers for Faith Academy (Philippines)
Dorm Parents and Other Boarding Staff for Murree Christian School (Pakistan)
Elementary Teachers (Pakistan)
ESL Teacher for All Grades (Pakistan)
Middle School and High School Teachers (Pakistan)
School Director (CEO) (Pakistan) Priority
Dorm Parents (Paraguay)
Dakar Academy School Teachers (Senegal)
Dorm Parents for Bourofaye Christian School (Senegal) Priority
Support and Administrative Staff for Bourofaye Christian School (BCS) (Senegal) Priority
Teachers at Dakar Academy (Senegal)
Teachers for Bourofaye Christian School (BCS) (Senegal) Priority 1-2 years
Home School Teacher (South Sudan)
AERC Educational Consultant (Thailand)
Home School Teacher (Thailand) 1-2 years
Home School Teacher (Thailand) Priority Under 1 year
House Parent for Missionaries' Children (Thailand) Priority
Teacher for Covenant Christian School (Thailand)
Teachers and Staff for Grace International School (Thailand)
Teachers for Chiang Mai International School, Thailand (Thailand)
Home School Helper for TIMO Team (Tanzania)
Homework Tutor and Children's Worker (South Africa) Priority 1-2 years
Union Bible Institute Librarian (South Africa) Priority


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