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Evangelism/Church Growth

You can share the Gospel among the world's least reached by living your life among them. In other places where the church is still young, there are many opportunities to train and disciple youth, families, and church leaders.

Church Planters among Minority People Groups
Business Person and Relationship Builder amongst an Unreached People Group Priority
Discipler for MBB Priority
Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Animist Tribal People
Friendship Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting Among Unreached Minority People
Leadership Trainer Priority
Medical Professional and Relationship Builder Priority
Mobiliser and Coach for Church Planters among Minority People Groups
NGO Visa Holder Priority
Outreach through Business Priority
Pastoral Care Training and Counselling Priority
Sports Friends Coaches Trainer
Sports Friends Organizational Leader
Urban Church Planting and Discipleship Teams (Angola) Priority
Urban Multi-Ethnic Faith Enabler (Austria)
Evangelism and Church Planting among the Tamajaq (Burkina Faso) Priority
Evangelism/Church Planting among the Fulani (Burkina Faso) Priority
Urban Church Planting (Burkina Faso) Priority
Youth Worker with Sports Emphasis (Burkina Faso)
Church Planting (Benin) Priority
Church Plant Team Member for Urban Shoe Shiners (Bolivia) 1-2 years
Discipleship Ministry to Women (Bolivia)
Discipleship Training of Church Leaders (Bolivia) Priority
Bible Translation/Church Planting (Botswana)
Church Coach in Intercultural Ministry (Canada)
Church Planter: First Nations Ministry (Canada) Priority
Community Outreach--ESL (Canada) Under 1 year
Creative Leader with People in the Margins (Canada) Priority
Frontline Worker with Canadian Human Trafficking Victims (Canada) Priority
Urban Researcher (Canada)
Church Development (Chile)
Church Planter (Ecuador)
Church Planting (Ecuador)
Drama or Theatre Coach (Ecuador) Priority
Men's Worker (Ecuador) Priority
Rural Church Planters in Loja Province (Ecuador)
Afar - Church Planting Mobilizer/Team Leader (Ethiopia) Priority
Borana - Church Planting/Youth Ministry Development (Ethiopia)
Apprenticeship in Missions (Ghana) Under 1 year
Discipleship and Church Development--Sisaala (Ghana) Priority
Discipleship and Training of Women (Ghana) Priority
Marriage and Family Ministry (Ghana) Priority
Mission Mobilizer (Ghana)
Outreach to the Dagomba (Ghana) Priority
Outreach to the Sisaala (Ghana) Priority
Sports Friends Ministry Development Leader (Ghana) Priority
Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development (Guinea)
Program Director of "Certificate of Women's Leadership" (Equatorial Guinea) Priority
Children's and Teens' English Club for Evangelism (Mali) Priority
Christian Education Programmes and Materials (Mali) Priority
Church Leadership Mobilization and Training (Mali) Priority
Evangelism and Church Planting in Mali (Mali)
Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Literacy, and Rural Development (Mali) Priority
Sports Ministry (Mongolia)
Chinese Diaspora Outreach Ministry (Malawi) Priority
Church Growth and Leadership Development (Malawi)
Indian Diaspora Outreach Ministry (Malawi) Priority
Local Church Ministry Internship (Malawi) Under 1 year
Outreach Facilitator (Malawi) Priority
Pioneer Church Planting (Malawi) Priority
Sports Friends Coaches' Trainer (Malawi) Priority
Sports Friends Internship (Malawi) Priority 1-2 years
Sports Friends Regional Ministry Development Leader (Malawi) Priority
Bible Teacher-Evangelist (Mozambique) Priority
Children's Evangelism and Discipleship Advocate (Mozambique) Priority
Church Planter - Yao (Mozambique) Priority
Church Planting in Mozambique (Mozambique) Priority
Discipler of Disciples (Mozambique)
Evangelism of Unreached People Group (Mozambique) Priority
Mission Teacher (Namibia)
Church Planters and Disciplers (Niger) Priority
Couples/Family Life Ministry (Niger)
Dorcas Widows Project Manager (Niger)
Outreach and Discipleship Ministry in and around Galmi Hospital (Niger)
Sports Friends Leaders (Niger)
Training in Ministry Outreach (TIMO) (Niger) 1-2 years
Church Planters in Unreached and Underdeveloped Part of Nigeria (Nigeria) Priority
Discipleship and Mentoring Trainer (Nigeria) Priority
Discipleship Coordinator (Nigeria) Priority
Pastor and Church Planter for International Church (Nigeria)
Sports Friends Coaches' Trainer (Nigeria) Priority
Street Children Care Center Child Therapist and Staff Trainer (Nigeria) Priority
Training Opportunities for Ministry (Nigeria) Priority
Church Leadership Development Initiative (Nepal)
Pacific Islands Missions Mobiliser (New Zealand)
Administrative Member of Christian Motorcyclist Association (Peru)
Church Planter (Peru)
Church Planting in the Peruvian Andes (Peru)
Church Planting Team Leader (Peru)
Church Strengthening, Encouraging Pastors (Peru)
Discipleship and Mentoring (Peru)
English Ministries (Peru)
Sports Friends Organizational Leader (Peru)
Sports Friends Trainer and Mentor (Peru) 1-2 years
Outreach to Chinese Migrants (Philippines) Priority
Church Planter, Agriculturalist (Paraguay) 1-2 years
Church Planter, Dentist (Paraguay)
Church Planter, Horticulturalist (Paraguay)
Church Planter, Nurse (Paraguay)
Church Planter, Physician (Paraguay)
Church Planter/TEFL (Paraguay) 1-2 years
Church Planter/Veterinarian (Paraguay) 1-2 years
First Nations Peoples Advocate and Missions Mobilizer (Paraguay)
Missions Mobilizer (Paraguay) Priority
Music and Worship Worker for Rural Paraguay (Paraguay) 1-2 years
Pioneer Church Planters (Paraguay)
Rural Church Planter (Paraguay)
Sports Friends Organizational Leader (Paraguay) Priority
Evangelist, Church Planter, Pastor for Diaspora Chinese (Singapore)
Evangelist, Church Planter, Pastor for Diaspora Chinese (Singapore)
Church Planting and Evangelism (Senegal) Priority
Church Planting and Evangelism--Kaffrine (Senegal) Priority
Sports Friends Senegal Coaches' Trainer (Senegal)
Sports Friends Senegal Organizational Leader (Senegal)
Bible Teacher (South Sudan)
Chronological Bible Teachers in South Sudan (South Sudan)
Discipleship and Mentoring (South Sudan)
Community Development and Church Planting Team for Chad (Chad) Priority
Desert Tribe Workers (Chad) Priority
Mentors & Team Leaders for New Initiatives in Chad (Chad) Priority
Church Ministry and Outreach (Thailand) 1-2 years
Evangelism/Church Planting in Northeast Thailand (Thailand)
Sports Friends Asia Ministry Development Co-Leader (Thailand) Priority
Sports Friends Coaches Trainer (Volleyball) (Thailand) Priority 1-2 years
Sports Friends Internship (Thailand) 1-2 years
Sports Friends SE Asia Project Administrator (Thailand) Under 1 year
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (General) (Thailand) Priority
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (Girls' and Women's Ministry Focus) (Thailand) Priority
Sports Friends Trainer and Coordinator (New Regions and Initiatives Focus) (Thailand) Priority
Evangelism and Church Planting (Tanzania) Priority
Cross-Cultural Ministry Training Program (Uruguay) Under 1 year
Cross-Cultural Ministry Training Program (Uruguay) Under 1 year
Mentor Program Manager (Uruguay) Priority
Women's Ministry (South Africa) Priority
Discipleship Ministry Worker (Zambia) Priority
HOPE for AIDS Girl Child Ministry (Zimbabwe)
Leadership and Discipleship Training and Pastors' Book Set Coordinator (Zimbabwe) Priority
Ministry to Zionists and other Sects in Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Priority
Pastors Bookset Coordinator (Zimbabwe)


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