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Development and Relief

Whether through providing clean water, improving agriculture, empowering people through small businesses, or providing relief in drought or natural disaster, we can use your skills to provide compassionate, holistic service in Christ's name.

Agriculturalist for Community Development 1-2 years
Arsenic Poisoning Prevention Programme
Project Advisor or Social Worker/Counselor for Women & Children at risk
Urban Renewal Project Coordinator Priority
Agricultural Trainer and Educator (Angola) Priority
Vocational Teacher for Tchincombe Agricultural Project (Angola)
Communications Support Person (Burkina Faso) Priority 1-2 years
Community Development (Burkina Faso) Priority
Engineer (Burkina Faso) Priority
Engineer (Burkina Faso) Priority Under 1 year
Farmer, Agriculturalist, Veterinarian (Burkina Faso) Priority
Farmer/Agriculture/Veterinarian (Burkina Faso) Priority Under 1 year
Ministry to Street Girls (Burkina Faso)
Agriculturalist at a Bible School (Benin)
Engineer or Plumber for Rural Community Water Development Ministry (Bolivia) Priority
Borana - Church Planting Mobilizer (Ethiopia)
Community Development Coordinator (Guinea)
Community, Relief, and Development Specialists (Mongolia)
Community Relief Work Volunteer (Namibia)
Agricultural Consultant (Niger)
Agricultural Development Worker (Niger) 1-2 years
Community Development Worker for Fulani (Niger)
Agricultural Skills Trainer for SYRA (Skills for Youth in Rural Areas) (Nigeria)
Community Development Trainer, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (Nigeria) Priority
Community Development Worker in Unreached and Underdeveloped Part of Nigeria (Nigeria) Priority
North-East Nigeria Community Development Worker (Nigeria) Priority
Street Children Ministry Agricultural Worker and Trainer (Nigeria) Priority
Street Children Ministry--Developer of Self-Sustaining Businesses (Nigeria) Priority
Trauma Healing and Discipleship (Nigeria) Under 1 year
Anti-Child Trafficking Ministry (Peru)
HIV and AIDS Ministry Assistant Coordinator (Paraguay) Priority
HIV and AIDS Ministry Coordinator (Paraguay) Priority
Community Educator (Animal Husbandry) Evangelist (Senegal) Priority
Water Engineers for Safe Drinking Water in Rebuilding South Sudan: Church and Nation (South Sudan)
Psychologist or Counselor (South Africa) Priority


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