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If you are a teacher or you are gifted with particular skills, you can make an enormous impact on an entire community through education that offers hope for a better life. You might teach English, basic health, computers, or other life skills that will enable people to secure a stable future. All these would be platforms for teaching them about the brightest future of all—eternal life!

English or Chinese Teaching in Christian Schools--Tentmaking Opportunity
Conversational English Teacher
English Lecturer in Christian College--Tentmaking Opportunity
English Teacher Priority
ESL Teacher
Physical Education Teacher Priority
Summer English Training Program Under 1 year
Teachers for Rural Christian School 1-2 years
ESL Teacher-- Menongue Bible Institute (Angola)
ESLTeacher for Children and Adults (Angola)
Teacher for TEFL-ISTEL Seminary (Angola) Priority
ESL Teacher (Burkina Faso) Priority
TESOL Program Coordinator (Burkina Faso) Priority
ESL Teacher (Benin)
Girls' Training Centre at Nikki (Benin)
Teacher, Teacher's Aide, or Staff for a Girls' School (Benin) Priority
English as a Second Language Teacher (Bolivia) Priority
TESOL Evangelistic Ministry (Chile)
English Teachers (China)
Spanish Teachers (China)
University Teachers (China)
English Language Teachers (TESL) - Rural (Ecuador) Priority
English Teacher (Ecuador) Priority
English Teacher (Ecuador) Under 1 year
English Teachers for World Impact (Ecuador) Priority
Addis - Bridge School of English ESL Instructor (Ethiopia) 1-2 years
Addis - Seminary (ETC) Youth Ministry Instructor (Ethiopia) Priority 1-2 years
Arsi Oromo - Langano School Education Consultant (Ethiopia) Priority
Bahir Dar - Bible School ESL Instructor (Ethiopia)
Tigray - Mekelle Youth Center Computer Instructor (Ethiopia) Priority
Tigray - Mekelle Youth Center ESL Instructor (Ethiopia) Priority
Tigray - Mekelle Youth Center HIV/AIDS Coordinator (Ethiopia)
Tigray - Orthodox Seminary Instructor (Ethiopia) Under 1 year
Business, Micro-Enterprise, and Vocational Skills Mentor (Guinea)
HIV/AIDS Education & Volunteer (Equatorial Guinea) Priority 1-2 years
English as a Second Language Teacher (India)
ESL Teachers and Lecturers for SIMTI Seoul (South Korea) Priority
ESL Teachers for Koreans SIMTI (South Korea) Priority Under 1 year
Education Advisor for National Education (Liberia)
English Teachers, ESL and TEFL (Mali) Priority
English Teachers (Mongolia)
IT or Computer Specialist and Teacher (Mongolia)
Primary and Secondary School Teachers (Mongolia)
University Professors and Teachers (Mongolia)
Computer Skills Trainer (Mozambique)
Teaching English Is Evangelism (Mozambique)
English Teacher Grades 1-7 (Namibia) Priority Under 1 year
Math and ESL and Physical Education Volunteer Teacher (Namibia)
Primary School Teacher (Namibia) 1-2 years
Teacher in Grootfontein (Namibia) Priority 1-2 years
Pedagogical Advisor, Maradi Cornerstone Academy (Niger)
SIM Education, Specialty Positions (Niger) Priority
Teacher Educator, SIM Education (Niger)
ESL Teacher for Widows--City Ministries ECWA/EMS (Nigeria)
ESL Teacher, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (Nigeria) Priority
Teachers and Staff for Kent Academy (Nigeria) Priority
Trainer of Nigerian Teachers (Nigeria) Priority
Education Consultant (Nepal)
College or University Lecturer (Philippines) Priority
English Teachers for Christian School (Paraguay) Priority 1-2 years
ESL Teacher for High School Students (Senegal) Priority
French-Speaking Teacher of French and Introduction to Computers (Senegal) Priority
ESL Teacher (South Sudan) Priority
SIC Secondary School, Unity Education Centre (South Sudan) Priority
English Teachers for English Learning Centre (Chad) Priority
English Teacher Intern for University Students at The Centre (Thailand) Priority Under 1 year
ESL Teacher for University Students at The Centre (Thailand) Priority
ESL Teachers for Medical University Students (Thailand)
Teachers for Thailand (Thailand)
Teachers for the School of Promise, Thailand (Thailand)
Computer Applications Teacher (South Africa) Priority
TESOL Teacher Training (South Africa) Priority
Administrator for Mukinge Hill Academy (Zambia) Priority
Assistant Primary Teacher--Mukinge Hill Academy (Zambia) Priority
Classroom Assistant--Mukinge Hill Academy (Zambia) Under 1 year
TEN3 Textbook Editor (International Leadership and Services)


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