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Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership

You can serve God with your business or administrative skills in many ways. By starting a business, you can make an impact in a location closed to traditional missionaries. By serving in one of our offices, you can keep our personnel and ministries flourishing.

Business Entrepreneur
Deputy Director
Field Leadership Support Person
Marketing Manager of Small Business
Owner/Manager of Small Business
Product Designer & Marketing at Basha Ltd.
Project Coordinator Priority
School Principal Priority
Administrator and Projects Coordinator (Angola) Under 1 year
Guest House Managers (Burkina Faso)
Hospitality and Station Member Care (Burkina Faso) Priority
Treasurer (Permanent) (Burkina Faso) Priority
Associates and Teams Coordinator (Benin)
Deputy Director and Team Leader for Benin-Togo Area (Benin) Priority
Guest House Coordinator (Benin) Priority
Member Care--Counselor or Chaplain for Missionary and Beninese Hospital Staff (Benin) 1-2 years
Personal Assistant to Director of Benin-Togo (Benin) Priority 1-2 years
Personnel Coordinator (Benin) Priority
Guest House Manager - Cochabamba (Bolivia)
Administrative Assistant for ProVision (Chile) 1-2 years
Personnel Coordinator (Ecuador) Priority
Ethiopian Rural Agriculture Business Start-Up Coordinator (Ethiopia)
Ghana Office Service Coordinator (Ghana)
Associate Program SIMPact Coordinator (Kenya) Priority
Chief Financial Officer for ELWA Hospital (Liberia) Priority
Business Management Specialist and Entrepreneur (Mongolia)
SIM Mongolia Country Director (Mongolia) Priority
Accountant (Malawi) Priority 1-2 years
Coordinator for Associates under Two Years (Malawi) Priority
Member Care Coordinator (Malawi)
Mission Administrator (Malawi)
Personnel Coordinator (Malawi) Priority
Business Manager--Sahel Academy (Niger)
Finance Managers for Galmi Hospital (Niger) Priority
Interim Project Coordinator (Niger) Priority 1-2 years
Niamey Guest House Manager (Niger)
Office Manager, Galmi Hospital (Niger)
Acting Personnel Coordinator (Nigeria) Under 1 year
Business Consultant for Muslim-Christian Relationship Building Ministry (Nigeria) Priority
Consultant to Chief Medical Officer and Family Practice Doctor (Nigeria) Priority
Director of Administration, ECWA Hospital Egbe (Nigeria)
Finance Director--SIM Nigeria (Nigeria) Priority
Guest House Manager, Egbe (Nigeria)
Housing Compound Manager, Egbe (Nigeria)
Office Manager and Accountant, Egbe (Nigeria)
Pastoral Care Specialist (Nigeria) Priority
Street Children Ministry Administrator (Nigeria) Priority
Street Children Sponsorship Coordinator for City Ministries of ECWA (CME) (Nigeria) Priority
Trauma Counselor (Nigeria) Priority
Communication and Documentation Advisor (Nepal) Priority
International Relations Officer (Nepal) Priority
Administrative Assistant--Cotahausi (Peru)
Guest House Manager (Peru) Priority
Project Manager for Camp La Joya (Peru)
Mission Mobilizer (Philippines) Priority
Treasurer/Bookkeeper (Philippines) Priority
Field Treasurer (Pakistan) Priority
Guest House Manager (Paraguay)
Ministry Project Coordinator (MPC) (Paraguay)
Short-Term Associate Coordinator (Paraguay)
Team Leader and Liaison (Sudan) 1-2 years
Assistant Business Manager (Senegal) Priority
Youth Ministries/Library Manager-Worker (Senegal) Priority
Base Administrator and Programs Manager (South Sudan)
Pastoral Care Coordinator (South Sudan) Priority
Personnel Coordinator (South Sudan) Priority
Administrative Assistant (Togo)
Counselor (Thailand)
CSEA Finance Administrator (Thailand) Priority
CSEA Finance Director (Thailand) Priority
Director of Development for AERC (Thailand)
Executive Director of The Well International (Thailand)
Muslim Ministries Director (Thailand)
Personnel Administrator for C-SEA Regional Services Team (Thailand) Priority
Personnel Director (Thailand)
SIM Thailand Administrative Manager (Thailand)
Treasurer for C-SEA Regional Services Team (Thailand) Priority
University Ministry National Team Leader (Thailand) Priority
Tanzania Field Administrator (Tanzania)
Assisted Living Facility Permanent Resident (United States of America)
Short Term Teams Administrator (United States of America) Priority
Sports Friends Partner and Fund Development Coordinator (United States of America)
Associate (Short-Term) Receiving Ministry Coordinator (South Africa)
Isaiah 6:8 Coordinator (South Africa)
Receiving Personnel Coordinator (South Africa) Priority
Regional Member Care Specialist (South Africa) Priority
TEN3 Personnel Administrator (International Leadership and Services)
Transformational Education Network (TEN3) Administrative Manager (International Leadership and Services) Priority


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