Asian Region

Bible Correspondence School
The Bible Correspondence School of Bangladesh has been a major contributor to the growth of the Gospel in Bangladesh and the spiritual development of its people. Through the use of mailed Bible courses, barriers of distance, time and culture are crossed. more More-icon
"Here We Go Again"
Another significant earthquake - this time at magnitude 7.4 - has shaken Nepal today just as many were beginning to believe the aftershocks from April's devastating quake were subsiding. more More-icon
African Region

"You people at ELWA are doing good!"
SIM's ELWA hospital was on the front lines during the Ebola crisis. Their continued leadership and example in the medical community touches the lives of those living in Liberia. more More-icon
Experience can be better than teaching
You can only teach someone so much, often times they really do not learn until they themselves are doing it. Sports Camp ministry ends up teaching those who lead it just as much as those who are coming to participate. more More-icon
American Region

Cotahuasi Ministry Center
In Cotahuasi, Peru, what began as a missionary home for Brad and Gina Shaw and family is now the hub for ministry. An "open door" to needy people and a community approach to ministry have slowly transformed it into a center that is known as "The Mission". more More-icon
Engaging the University
University is a core mission field of unreached people from across the globe and down the road, from the city and from the bush. By investing in this community we are investing in the future. more More-icon
Meet a SIM Worker
Featured Blogs
Ricktalking It's All Grace
Dr. Rick Sacra shares a special story with a church. more More-icon
Reality Reality Hits
Whenever we are called to move from one field to another, we leave behind precious memories. Read how one SIM missionary is dealing with this. more More-icon
Neighbor "And Who is my Neighbor?"
Paul Hudson discusses the topic of loving your neighbors no matter who they are. more More-icon