Asian Region

Child soldier and refugee to follower of Christ
YooTaa barely escaped the war in his home country, and took refuge in Thailand where he found peace with God. more More-icon
A Ministry of Dreaming
Fasting and a dream open opportunities for conversations about faith. more More-icon
African Region

Crying Out for Artists
SIM is looking for artists in all disciplines to join ministries around the world. more More-icon
Music academy develops talent, helps Nigerians worship
Egbe Music Academy offers courses and instruments for young Nigerian musicians. more More-icon
American Region

New Uruguay mission school has vision for world missions
More Uruguayans are following God's calling to minister to those who don't know Christ, at home and overseas. more More-icon
The surprising ways God is at work in Bolivia
Miners, farmers, urban shoe shiners. Watch how God is at work in Bolivia. more More-icon
Meet a SIM Worker
Featured Blogs
Ricktalking It's All Grace
Dr. Rick Sacra shares a special story with a church. more More-icon
Reality Reality Hits
Whenever we are called to move from one field to another, we leave behind precious memories. Read how one SIM missionary is dealing with this. more More-icon
Neighbor "And Who is my Neighbor?"
Paul Hudson discusses the topic of loving your neighbors no matter who they are. more More-icon