Asian Region

God's call is written on my heart
Hear how one missionary literally heard the voice of God tell her to move to a place she never expected, India. more More-icon
Leadership Training - Philippines
In the Philippines, young indiginous believers are being raised up to help lead the next generation of Christians in their country. The one thing standing in their way is adequate finacial support, that is where SIM comes in. more More-icon
African Region

Hopestart Africa Training Project
SIM is seeking to help train women in practical skills so that they could be self sufficient business owners. Come infest in these ladies lives. more More-icon
Malawi Disaster Relief
At the end of January, Malawi was hit with some of the worst rainfall it had ever seen leading to hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of displaced people. SIM is on the ground, in these camps helping people rebuild after loosing everything. more More-icon
American Region

Cotahuasi Ministry Center
In Cotahuasi, Peru, what began as a missionary home for Brad and Gina Shaw and family is now the hub for ministry. An "open door" to needy people and a community approach to ministry have slowly transformed it into a center that is known as "The Mission". more More-icon
Engaging the University
University is a core mission field of unreached people from across the globe and down the road, from the city and from the bush. By investing in this community we are investing in the future. more More-icon
Meet a SIM Worker
Featured Blogs
Ricktalking It's All Grace
Dr. Rick Sacra shares a special story with a church. more More-icon
Reality Reality Hits
Whenever we are called to move from one field to another, we leave behind precious memories. Read how one SIM missionary is dealing with this. more More-icon
Neighbor "And Who is my Neighbor?"
Paul Hudson discusses the topic of loving your neighbors no matter who they are. more More-icon